Tuesday, May 31, 2011

But who's counting?

A week since Tuesday, Day 16?

Mom and Dad came into town on Wed. We ate BWWings, blue cheese and carrots and celery. Not what I was used to, and since it was fried, it exited immediately.

I maintained my diet during the day and then ate whatever at night. We took M&D to McGuire's (yes, again,) to celebrate the secret news on Thursday night. They had a truly amazing time and the food portions and quality blew them away. It was a great experience. And my IBS is so ingrained I got the bean soup, I feel like this is deja vu... but with each bite of this delicious 12 cent bean soup, I couldn't help but think, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs.

Prior to McG I took Mom to the Commissary on base. She was utterly amazed at the super low prices. We only needed salad stuff, really.

Friday Hubbs had to work and we just sat around and enjoyed doing nothing. Mom and I went out to Gulf Coast Seafood, the little blue shack-looking structure in downtown FWB. Excellent, I love that place. We bought a pound of shrimp and headed over to Publix since they hadn't gotten the clams yet. After seeing the price of muscles and scallops we decided to just go with the two items. She made this amazing Cioppino (kettle of fish) she found online. No carbs! As long as you do not dip bread in it. **We did skip the flakey fish... my dad and I like it.

Saturday was a sunning day from Mom and myself while the guys talked about whatever was on tv. We hit the beach on base at about 4 which was perfect. Scored a few Adirondack chairs and doggy paddled around the three feet of water. I thought it was perfect since it is so shallow for so far. Of course, the racing boats made the waves I was trying to avoid, and there were no jumping fish (mullet) for them to see due to all the activity. We all had a great time. Including hubbs!

Sunday was their driving day, leaving about 9 or 10 I think. I sat out in the shade all day and read a library book. We had steak for dinner, broccoli, salad. I was bad and had mashed potatoes... so good, but definitely something I can leave behind now. And we had a fried up onion, also bad for me. That was more for him. I am thinking maybe rolls, which I have decided I can live without, as well, but there are still refrigerator rolls on the back shelf, so who knows. May be time to throw those babies.

Monday I gardened from 8am to 1pm in a t-shirt, long sleeved shirt over it, long, thick jeans, sneakers, and my beach hat. Those bugs were not getting to me!

I was dead exhausted. It was 95* outside I was later told. But my side bushes look so much better. I had originally just clipped small branches. But I got out my hand saw from my field bag, Go Archaeo!, and sawed off the limbs that grew out to bend to the sun. After clearing so much away I saw evidence that these had been pruned once before, long before. It was a nice feeling to see my labor had been shared by someone who cared once. The devastation left in my wake will take weeks to be removed. However, perhaps now we can grow some grass and have less mosquitoes attacking me. Having cleaned up the under branches we now have a wonderful breeze. It all started with clearing the side walk of foliage and then I just kept sawing. So much better now. I should take pictures. Anyone have hedge trimmers I could borrow??

I plan to plant citronella plants around the house to get rid of those pests. I was worried the whole time I trimmed branches that I would be hurting the ecosystem right there in the little stream, cutting spider habitats, opening it up so no food source would stick. But I have to live here, so with a care, those pests are going! Now to just get rid of the yellow flies and their painful bites!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tueday Day 2 again or Day 9

Had a shake at 10, 1030ish and am starving by 1245!

Finally ate the soup, hand over fist really. Almost 1.15. I did not drink my morning water, no wonder I was starving. And I ate the soup so fast because I wasn't drinking water during the "meal."

I do not want to go to work tonight. Just wanted to share that. As a matter of fact I do not want this job anymore, but I need it in the event we ever PCS out of here and the place we end up at has no archaeology jobs. Surprise, Surprise.

Successes: Lost about 5 pounds over the weekend (checked then). Looked at myself today and thought I looked leaner. This is amazing, actually. I don't usually think that. Especially not after a horrible nightmarish dream, which attacked me this morning. Usually I am sort of mad at the world and preoccupied with psychoanalyzing myself.

I am going to have to do a shake at around 4 and then one at work around 6. If I remember, I will try to bring a bar as well. Being around all those carbs will kill me. Stupid work.

Forgot my bar, no help on the way to work.

I failed. Hunger hit so I made a chix breast. As I ate it I realized I was chewing each small mouthful 20 times. Go me! Its becoming second nature. The chix just made me realize how hungry I was. So I ate a basket of left over fries. Sooooo goood..... soooo bad. There were no veggies to eat. I could have had a few tomatoes but those are not allowed now and at work they are weighing everything. Nevermind that.

I came home and at my left over sweet and sour soup, small, and put a few eggs on to boil. After a while I took them off and put them in the fridge. Time for bed. I should have gone to bed before the soup.

Exhausted but excited. Mom and dad are visiting in less than 24 hours. They should be here around dinner time or after. The dog will be here until Thursday morning so they get some dog time. We will miss Mia (meeah). She is perfect, perfectly trained. We tire her out in the back yard and there is no barking (except if someone enters the front door, like when I get home for the day), no nervous whining, crying or pacing. She is great. As my buddy, Ceasar Milan says, exercise. She has been taught to bring the ball back and drop it, and also to sit for a brushing. Excellent job Alisha and Travis. We will miss her ;.(

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Week 2... or 1 again?

Morning news. I lost a few more pounds. Probably from this crazy weekend. Just got to keep it off.
Could not get up this am, dreaming right through my alarm and the dog licking my hand.

Got up, let her out, she didn't like the freshly watered grass. Getting ready was like in slow motion, my brain was waterlogged. Got into work, drank my coffee and had my breakfast strawberry shake at 10am. Starving by 11.30. Just need to hold out another half hour. And drink my morning three glasses of water to fill my belly and rehydrate. Scheduled to donate platelets today. Not sure its a good idea bc I have to eat sweets after to get my blood moving again. But I am the universal donor and I can't help but say yes. We will see.

The gross chix and rice soup, which actually smells nice, was made at 12.30 and consumed within less than 15 minutes. I am hungry. I have another 28 oz of water to drink and then if that doesn't staunch the mungries (somewhere between munchies and hungry), I might have a lunch desert of chocolate shake. After eating the rehydrated peas from the soup I really want the $1 cup of soup with all the ramen in it. Ugh!

1pm. hungry. Drank 16 oz. Broke drown and nabbed a Worther's hard candy from the kitchen. This is how the day is going to go. Drat! All the gum packets I grabbed to hold me over are in the car. I totally forgot to bring them in.
10 minutes later and I am mad a drinking, sick of drinking, and I want to chew food. I need to bring those meal bars in- bingo! I did bring a box in and forgot about it. But now the water is filling me up and the flavor of the candy is satiating.

1damn30 and I'm burping up water and my belly feels empty making this weird hunger/need to chew even more bizarre. Thoughts anyone????

snippet from office talk...."that's because you're hungry, sh!t on a shingle would probably taste good to you right about now," "no, but I could chew the shingle."

2.15 its only been an hour since my shake. I want something. I need to drink my afternoon water. blah. Maybe I'll find a tall cup and mix some bubbly with crystal light.

Busy working. 4.15 brought a chocolate shake, why does chocolate always clump?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Crazy Sunday

Got up early to pick up Alisha's dog, we are watching it for a few days while she prepares to move back home. Skipped breakfast to have later on when we got back. Turns out I stayed to help her box stuff up. Somewhere around 1030 they were starving so a quick trip to Md's brought me to a drink, a frozen lemonade, and a parfait.

In retrospect I could have gotten a sandwich and pealed everything off. But I think I did pretty well with my parfait. I was full and did not even want a french fry that was sitting right in front of me. Yeah, baby, yeah.

Back for more packing, friendly sanity, and baby socks galore. I got home and had a strawberry shake. Gardening in the sun , Billy asked me please not to overexert myself. And I did... totally dehydrated.

Most of the day was a blur of sleep depravity and hunger unknown. But it was relaxing and we watched Mia, the dog, chase bugs a and bird shadows. She would make a great herding dog they way she chased Billy around the back yard.

Finish with a move. Its been ages since we watched a movie together... Billy. It has.

-----fast fwd to monday morning, forgot to post this. apparently I fell asleep.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, first weekend

Up at 830 am and Medi pancakes for breakfast at 930. I took Karen's coworker's advice and put a thin bit of peanut butter on them. Billy made them and liked the shaker deal. They didn't taste very good but will be fine covered in something. And it took way more than 20 chews to eat. Score. Three cups of coffee in and I was good.

Relaxed and took care of some bills. We discussed where we wanted to check out the fishing potential and on the way out I made a soft serve ice cream in the shaker jar. I switched the ice on the fridge to crush and pulled out the big chunks and shook it for about a minute. Chocolate mint was mighty fine. And crushed ice in the shaker is just fine. So that will have to be a home staple. No blender necessary.

We grabbed some Moes since I had a bogo coupon and Billy was craving it. I got the chix salad, no taco shell. I should have skipped the beans (still in my IBS mode) and didn't pay attention to what I said yes to, cheese. I got the vinaigrette and only used one- go me! I topped it with my favorite green fresh cilantro salsa. I also scrapped off most of the cheese and beans. I did try.

I was very full and toss half the bowl. Go me and not feeling like I have to finish. Veggies that are not included in week 1 diet: cucumber, tomato, onions. I still skipped the carbs. It "hurt" to say no to my chips and queso. But I feel better.

As a matter of fact, I had so much energy I attacked the "garden" along the front of the house, the two sago palms, a 5 foot stretch of pricker vines, and monkey grass clumps. Just looked up the monkey grass.... apparently they flower. Oops. It looked like a mess.

My gardening thoughts include applying a new layer of soil down (mucho denero), and either plant some flowers or leave them in pots in the garden.... Or now I am thinking of grabbing a bunch of the monkey grass, if its affordable, and filling up the garden so it is nice and green and alive. I need to get the list of plants my mother had on Ashwood Ave. I loved those.

So I attacked the garden and definitely hit my wall after about an hour. But go me. I am really liking this new rx dose. Its going to take a bit to get used to. But the energy is high.

Oh, as I posted on facebook, after my success shake we checked out a nice lake and walked around part of it. I showed Billy a catface cut tree which still had the apron attached and we had a quick lesson on the naval stores turpentining industry in the area. I need to get my camera and get back there. More exercise - CHECK. Shoes? flipflops, so not prepared.

Stopped by the see Alisha and the moving progress, hit up the commissary, and then came home and vacuumed out my trunk, rearranged my tools, checked out my spare tires, and it looks nice and pretty. Then I attacked the garden.

Its 10pm. I am thinking of a shake and then going to bed. I didn't drink enough water and assume my optional condiments, option snack, veggie/salad, healthy fat serving, and lean protein were all taken care of by my Moes salad. I think I am over Moes. Good thing for my diet.

Friday, May 20, 2011

friday as booboo day

I was so bad I don't even want to talk about it. Which is what this blog is for, to make me do it.
Shake for breakfast at home.
Met Amber at the airport for her husbands homecoming.
Spoke to Alisha about grabbing lunch after her Dr. appointment.
That took a bit. Maybe I misheard her.
Wasted time waiting for her. Mixed a shake I brought in case the plane was late- GO me!
Went into work. She calls. I sign out and load pics of the homecoming to bide time until Alisha is home. Shes packing so lunch is out.
I grab BK, ok fries, bad. Ill do the chicken strip thing. OMG not chicken and not strips. it was kind of like eating mozz sticks when there seems to be no cheese.
It was disgusting to look at and eat. The whole time I was hearing Jen in my head saying, and its not even worth it, nasty carbs, if your going to cheat make it really worth it.
I should have just cut my losses at 6$ and tossed it in the trash. By this I was starving and left my mixes at work. Fine.
I did however get the SMALL. Not that that makes it all better, but I at least had restraint while cheating, something I have not had as of late. My specialists will be so glad to hear I made such a leap. - see what happens when you start cutting the crap from your diet. You just want less.
Over to Alisha's to help her pack and stay sane. It was great girl time.
Had been under the misconception work was running low for me...so I took my time. Oops, they had stuff they wanted out today. I'm an ass.
I am still super full from BK and I can feel the weight in my belly. I really don't like that.

Dinner is scheduled for tuna and salad and some other veggie. Its Friday. I am working late to finish a read-through. I realized my brain functions went through the toilet on this diet. So weird. Probably because my brain eats simple sugars it got from the carbs I was eating. Anyway, its Friday. I want Chinese take out. I have been bad. No take out. However, with the IBS I have gotten used to steamed veggies or the hot and sour soup or tofu. Usually all of those and then eat on it for a few days. Go me and portioning it out. However, I have successfully shrunk my stomach and take out is always easy to mauw to much.

ON THE PLUS SIDE!!!! I lost a few pounds! I was sketchy about how much I started with, thinking 238ish. I know, it spikes recently when I twisted my foot in zumba and then got those killer blisters from my stupid pretty sandles.
PLUS SIDE! I lost a few pounds! The needle totally and obviously moved a few bars. And it was the middle of the day after my two shakes, minus my water I didn't drink and before BK. After my steak, skrimps, roll, and rice dinner GO me!

Go me is right!

So its not a success story I read about. And way below the real stories I have heard. Lets recap on what I have succeed with:
~trying all the food options
~sticking with it at work
~sticking with it at home
~eventually not feeling hungry
~figuring out my hours and that it doesn't have to be set in stone
~getting to work early- plus all around!
~not beating myself up or getting down about failures
~being big picture oriented
~planning ahead of time my "cheats" so no overdoing it or being surprised
~thanking Billy, Karen, and Mom for being supportive, even if it was just in my head. I did tell Billy out loud.
~planned out lo/no cal drinks to cut out beer and wine. Or at least cut down the wine. Beer so far is out of the picture. At least Billy will still enjoy the kegerator.

Great way to finish the work week. Here is to the weekend! TGIF and maybe a lo cal martini

the morning of Friday Day 5

Well my lean and green dinner last night was carb loaded. And I have to say I didn't fully enjoy it because the carbs we had were already ones that upset my IBS. We were celebrating a SECRET, so I can't tell you, it would ruin the surprise. Anyway, 8 oz steak, I ate maybe half, a bit less, and three large skrimps. Buttered Rolls.... a no no! but why the hell no?

Why not? Because the need for carbs is in my head. I also had a small scoop of rice. Neither were satisfying (yay!) or a must-have when I consumed them. I must be sabotaging myself with my thoughts of what I can't have and then rebelling against myself. It must go deeper than that but I am not psychoanalyzing myself at 6 am.

What did I learn from dinner? I like my shrimp without butter/margarine/oil and the same for my rice. (**I do love it, but those upset my IBS so I have learned to live without for a few years now.) Steak is always delic, but a small portion really IS just fine. My veggies were a nice clump of broccoli and a salad. I did save the half a steak and skipped my 5th medi meal to equal out the cals. And then I had a fruit popsicle. That probably put me over, but oh well. I had (sweet oops) tea instead of a beer. It will take a bit to transition, but I am already proving to myself what I "need" I don't really need and what I "want" I am ok not eating. I think this is a definite Score.

Mom we need to go through that boxed wine and see if its still palatable. If so we have three boxes to kill. lol

I think that is about it for last night. If you catch this in the early am I will be editing it for my running daily log.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, Day 4

I was up early today, as you can see from the previous blog. Did not rush my coffee or feel hungry.

8 am. I ate blueberry oatmeal for breakfast. Still smelled up the room like dogfood, but it did taste good.

10.55. Just thought I might be hungry. I can feel the emptiness gnawing at my belly. Yay 3 hours before noticing hunger. Actually, might be more like 2 because I took a while to eat the oatmeal. Definitely not as filling as real oatmeal which can last me all day. Eh, it just has to last me 2 hours. Mission accomplished. I think its time for a strawberry shake and a potty break.

I do not appear to have lost any weight yet. Ah well, I knew it would take time since my diet was close to this one. Long term, have to think long term. Not to mention its 12.30 and not 6 am when I woke up and had nothing to e...drink.

2pm is here and its time to eat lunch. Its late but I am not totally starving and this is how my days go. Side effects of not eating (or walking outside for that matter) include inability to spell properly, loss of thought, loss of thought mid-sentience, general inability to think as I normally would. This is why people are not supposed to skip meals. Maybe its time to go back to 2 hours only.

315 that soup is sooo salty. I feel like my mouth is a cotton ball, absorbing and swelling. But its good and it takes me a while to eat it. I should be drinking more water anyway.

3.30 I am done for the day. will make a shake and take it to visit the dogs. A bit early, but better than being hungry with a 125 pound pooch. I am so excited!

I spoke too soon ***Warning, gross stuff discussed***

I did, I spoke too soon. **** Warning, the rest is gross talk about poop intended for my nurses, Mom, Karen, and Laurie****

I did not have any pain or cramping, yay! I am still taking the IBS med and my anx med to take care of that. Just in case, I continued with all meds and can call to adjust after a week or two.

Explosive diarrhea last night, completely liquid. Now I had a pork chop, as I already told Mom. Pork has always been bad on my IBS system. We grilled it, not unusual, and I ate half of it since I haven't purchased a food scale yet. We had the first ones two days ago. So NOOOOO pork. Billy even grilled it until it was dry to get the fat out for me. There must be something in the proteins my body does not like.

Up early this am, again a double flusher. It has to be the pork. But on the other hand, my body is adjusting to the new diet, in that case. I was glad because all my trips had been amazingly "normal" which is never normal for an IBS system. So no more pork, and we will see if my poops sort themselves out.

Tonight is tuna from a can. I am excited. I have been craving it dripping in balsamic vinegar!

645 am, been up for an hour, not hungry, yay! Laurie gave me some great ideas of drinks other than water. Crystal light and club soda for some bubbley! That sounds fun. So I took the bottles I saved up from some party and all my tea that I bought for Dad and its headed to work with me.

PS. Brownie is not bad at all actually. I could have gone to bed w/o it, but then I might be starving right now.

Now that I am late, wanted to get out of work early today, I am off! Here is to a bright new day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day III Wednesday

I just could not get out of bed this morning! I looked at the clock at 7.30 and had to rush. I left the house about 8 and was starving. Just before leaving I took a bar and divided it similarly to last night and mowwed it on the way to work while chatting with my mother on speaker phone.

And yes, I did lick the danged plate.

Mid morning, doing pretty good. Just made some tea and it is boiling hot so I will drink my morning 28 oz of water instead. Since I am not so hungry I am going to wait the 3 hours before my shake. Still debating yoga tonight. I really should go. Decided to give Lee back her delic recipe book I have on loan, the carb recipes call me. But I will copy a ton of really good veggie dishes. Lots of squash, although high in the carbs, still better than breads and beer. I am looking to last this out not crash and burn for perfection.

Mid morning snack banana creme shake. Not bad. I think I can taste the thickening agent, but that might just be the vitamins in it. And I am not exactly gulping it either. Plus!

This morning I was debating posting my meal tracker. But it would be the day after for the post. Anyway, the idea was to keep my snacking and exercise in the public eye. Its just so easy to go home now that hubbs is home, compared with this time last year when all I had was exercise.

No exercise last night except walking from room to kitchen and back again. Can't crap out today too, this is how I got where I am right now. Into bed last night early for me as well.

Lunch is chicken and wild rice or something like that. This one was a bit more involved with microwave steps but it does have peas and carrots in it. Hell, if it was colored cardboard I could not be more excited. I need to call Bobbie and ask her specifics about veggie portions and drink options. I feel like everything we talked about and I read went right out of my mind. I could go through the reading material, but I get home and its lazy relax time. For how much I was consuming the cut in cals is probably whats doing that.

Soup does not taste so hot. Fave right now is def chix noodle, like Karen mentioned it was in her office. However, it takes me longer to eat the soup, especially with a small spoon. Which reminds me, I wanted to go by a second hand shop and get some spoons for the office. Using plastic spoons hurts my tree-hugging heart.

Coke Zero at 2pm. I hate carbonation so this will last me at least the hour.

Still NO IBS issues. Always a plus.

4pm strawberry shake. I feel like today I am over the hump although my body has yet to adjust and start burning fat.

Almost 5, I still have one meal left plus dinner lean and green. Doing great! That can be a brownie for snack maybe. Going to try to find the Ruff place to get my ass in gear and get my doggy fix and help out a no kill shelter.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More allowed than I thought

Dinner was a revelation. After my two boca burgers (ok I had one lean bubba and one boca-Billy had one and one too!) and one cereal bowl of salad I was starving. I even eat each bite of "meat" 20 times to make it last longer.

As it turns out I was negative 2 veggie servings, no wonder! By this time it was 8 pm and I was already tired. So I just grabbed a can of asparagus meant for soup, rinsed it out twice and put it into the microwave. I like mine with just a bit of lemon juice. Billy skipped on veggies, who is surprised? So I hate 2 servings of it and put the rest in the fridge. Score.

9 pm comes and I am still walking aimlessly. I nabbed two pickle spears and drank down 3 cups of tea. Thanks to the tea I am now very ready for bed.

Day 2 of diet is over.

What to do about Hubbs and dinner?

I ate my last 5 at 5. I chose a bar and cut it down the middle and then in half and again. The bites were actually quite thick. I decided to dust my entire house and popped one "bite" in my mouth and chewed it until I hit 20 chews and then swallowed anything left. I also started drinking another large bottle of water.

I was doing great until I went through the mail. Food ads, coupons, agh! I tossed it in recycle and grabbed my pretty windwhips and went outside to tie them up in the tree. I was smelling food, bad food, but goooood food. Billy was out with me and I told him, we are downwind of McDs. All I am smelling is foooood. Time to go inside, come on! was his exact words.

My loving husband has decided to follow the diet parameters with me, at least in front of me. So I will not be temped by his carbs and fats. He even bought low fat low cal Italian dressing thinking it was great. And it is, such a change from what he usually likes. I was so proud of him. I need to mix up some oil and vinegar with spices. It all came about while I was finishing cleaning the bedroom. He mentioned whether or not he wanted buns with his burgers, would that be mean. After going back and forth about it and why I had gotten to the size I am, I assured him it would be fine whatever he chose to eat. He said no, I am going to cut carbs too. If you can do it, I can too. And then he told me about the Italian salad dressing. I love him.


This one is a running commentary of my afternoon thoughts. Surprisingly enough, typing it out is much faster that telling someone in the office. Like shouting to Lee.

Ok. My cup of lunch, broccoli soup, was just fine. I needed to mix it a bit more after I heated it the second time. That was around 12 1230. By 1.30 I was hungry. I tried to think it through with both Jenn and my sister via text. I want the weight in my belly to feel full and then think it. I know, I need to reverse this.

I need to look this up, I am having more gas but less pressure. And I am going No. 1. a ton but other than the .... 8*5 = 40 more onces of liquid food... Ok that could be making me go more often. At least it is a healthy almost clear color. And also, so far, no IBS trouble!

I had two cups of peppermint tea, no sweetener. I am fine with it that way, sometimes I just don't want all that sweet taste, regardless of where it came from or how natural it is. That actually helped a bit with my aggravated feelings. I was counting the seconds until 2 secretly trying to get to 2.30 and then to 3. 2.46 sounds like a good time to have a strawberry shake.

Not as bad as Day 1. Sip, I need to remember to sip not gulp. I am hungry and gulping is going on. Too bad its not all hot so I have to sip. Unfortunately, high temperatures have a bad habit of denaturing which might turn my clumpy water into just that.

*note to self, pay attention to the directions and it won't be clumpy. Shaking for 30 seconds on the walk back to the office will get rid of the clumps. Idiot.

Done-I'm done, that's it, Done. Done refers to how I feel every time I am hungry and want real food, solid food, feel good food. Its only Day 2, and here I sound like a death camp survivor, which actually puts things into perspective. Especially since this fasting is self imposed and I paid for it.

I need to make tea or hot water with lemon, because I like citrus. Hot might be the Key. The books said it so why not. Now I need a hotpot! Smile :-)

Now I am over my after lunch slump I am feeling much better. Its 4, well after I should have left work but I like to get to a nice stopping point. Last smoke break of the day. Time for Meal No. 4 and I can wait a bit right now. Maybe have it on the way home.

Ready for food

Its only day 2 (1 and a half actually) and I am ready for food. REAL food. My 3 hr wait period has turned back into 2 hours. I have already drank (drunk?)... consumed 56 oz of water and it is not making me less hungry.

But is it belly hunger? I am definitely hungry but not fiending for food. It must be all in my head.

I plan to counter this with mindless munching of celery stalks. I find I need something on them so I will have to look this up before I buy them. I wanted restriction for ease and no unknown cheating. I might just have to have an extra "meal" a day until I get used to this.

Random thought, I think the thickening agent leaves a strange taste in my mouth which I combat with drinking more water. I guess its a win!

Shaker not dooehneh...mmhmm

The shaker is cool but lots of undiluted powder if I use cold water. We already experienced warm and that was a big negative. My next option might be to make ahead of time and grab from the fridge. Have to read up on it, I'm remembering something about eating it soon. Either way chocolate shake is yum.

Eggs for breakfast

Not bad. I needed a bit of pepper. Put that on the shopping list. Hot sauce was a definate maybe.

Actually, it tasted like regular microwave eggs, a technology I have not been utilizing since college. What a waste. They did end up leaving a lingering oder. I told Lee she can close the door bc of it...yesterdays dog food smelling oatmeal comes to mind.  Graciously she said she can't smell it.

Eggs are a go.

Tuesday Morning Wake Up

My first thought coming out of sleep is, I am so exhausted! No wonder they say no exercise...

Speak nothing for being in bed around 830 last night, waking up at midnight thinking it was at least 4am. Maybe it was just getting more sleep than I usually do, which is actually far more healthy than my usual 4 or 5 hours.

So my first thought was just morning laziness. I changed my alarm to wak.... to go off at 6 instead of 630 to give me some more time in the am. Thoughts of early activities include a date with the treadmill, random cleaning and straightening, and some reading time. I do have some ideas that need to be written for print submission but now that my office is a mess, my brain feels that way when I am in there, bringing me back to thought #2.

As I am typing this I am thinking about how the egg dish is for breakfast. I read something about needing 14 egg whites if you make eggs yourself. I need to go over that again. I am all for easy, open the envelope, mix, and cook.

My only problem with getting up early is that I want to eat, being used to cereal before the 7th hour. So I am going to try to make my coffee last that long until my breakfast at 8. I tried for every two hours yesterday and failed tragically because I took so long to "eat." So I will try to stretch it to 3 hours between, which is recommended as well.

If I make the core at 12 that gives me 6, 9, 12, 3, 6 or dinner. I wont be up at 6 so that might give me a night snack. Otherwise I can do 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 or dinner plus snack. I guess we will just have to play it cool and go with the flow.

Music playing right now: Mr. Mom. Love it! Good song to move into the day with.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not so lean or green the first night

For dinner we did a left over all hands on deck soup. Billy made it so of course it was yumm. Now the fridge is mostly empty except for the left over pasta from my measuring experiment gone wrong (measure cooked, not dry). That he can eat.

I am not happy about cutting my apple a day out. Or my yogurt. I was so good about trying to eat the yogurt and get enough fruit in. Sigh, gotta try it tho.

Laurie asked how I felt today. I was constantly eating actually. I took my sweet time drinking or eating the chicken soup that it was almost time for the next one when I had finished. Not bad. But it is awfully time consuming so I will have to figure out my plan of attack. I am sure it will get much faster the more I do it. Not simply consuming but the prep time. Going to the kitchen and shaking it up etc. Ok, I guess it doesn't seem like that much, but it does feel that way.

I don't smoke, so I guess every 2 hours it can be my smoke break.

I walked for 1 hour today. Yay! Not supposed to exercise for three weeks but when I have the motivation I have got to do it. So, free treadmill, I am glad the universe aligned to help all of us out and get you into my house.

My nickname from Billy is BlackToe, from my early experiences of walking on the tread and having it turn my feet literally black. I am sure I posted a pic to facebook. Maybe I will pop it in here somewhere.

Cupcakes struck at about 830 tonight. Lucky I don't have any, but I wanted them. Billy said, Its time for bed! And he was right. I was tired and craving weight in my tummy. But I can tell ya this much, I like not having all the pressure from my IBS trying to deal with solid food.

Instead of my beloved cakes I made a Medifast hot chocolate drink. It was really good actually. I tried it cold and warmed but, both were great. I already had my 5 medis but I did read it was ok to add more if you cant get past the hunger in the beginning. And that is what I did. Of course after I started drinking it I realized hot tea probably would have been fine and saved me 100 cals and 2$ meal. Oh well.

Here is to tomorrow with fingers crossed!

Ice cold much better

So my final meal before my "lean and green" was an ice cold vanilla shake. Delic.
Shakes, not so hot when not ice cold. Think pepto bismal. Obviously, my first try at warm water was strawberry. A waste, taste pretty good.

Hungry at 230

I was supposed to have an item at about 2 but was still a bit full so I popped some gum. Now I am very hungry at almost 3pm. Definitely follow directions. At least I know its hunger and not boredom food want.

Lunch Chix

Lunch is chicken soup. So I lied when I said I would shake lunch. A tall/deep bowl is definitely, DEFINITELY necessary and the soup tends to boil over, thank you directions and easy see in microwave.

Pretty good, beats my expectations. And its thick. Not chunky, per se, but good to help you drink down the water I so desperately need. Also makes it easier to eat slowly.

Soup, thumbs up!

12 Noon Day 1

Starving. Just downed 28oz of water to quell the nag. About to shake lunch.


A coworker I will call Chaz, because I like that name, stopped me in the Kitchen for the third degree and to give me the 411.

His friend got "really bitchy" about the third week in. Undealable. Ok. So week three and four, I am now ready for you

Through texting Karen told me others have told her yes on the stawberry shake (I have), and meal bars (I have). Small layer of peanut butter on pancakes and rolls them up. Awesome idea, gal. Soups are good, not like real soup, but with much better results.

Thank you coworker ladies for your forthcoming support!

Number 2 Duch coco shake

Ice cold water, yum.

The shaker tub, didnt mix it up well, but then I did a dump and shake. So no wonder I have clumps like a fast birthday cake.

Delic! (however that is spelled)

Plus, easy to sip at desk
Plus, thickened nicely with water
Plus, took a while to sip it

This is a go, except for my calories stuck to the shakers side...

Breakfast, oatmeal

Kinda blah, but it thickened up really nicely after letting it sit. I like mine almost solid so no goopy crap falling on my paperwork. Eating it lasted almost an hour with my usual coffee sips in between.
Lee found out the oatmeal smells like dog food. I didn't notice until a trip back from the bathroom and the rooms did in deed smell of dog food.

I am full so its a check in my book. Karen said this is why she wanted to talk to me yesterday, to fill me in on the not so hot items. Other than the weird smell, which was taken care of by a few spritzes of bathroom spray, I'm good with the oatmeal.

Plus, took time to eat it
Plus, easy to eat at work
Plus, full until next meal

Why now?

Here's to losing weight!

I have managed to eat myself into oblivion and need to stop those bad habits and get on the train back to a healthy weight. Yay to losing 130 lbs

I am keeping this blog in an effort to keep up with the diet and express my feelings, whatever they may be.

Why now?

Both my Dr and my specialist suggested I look into gastric bypass. But you are not big enough, you say. I happen to have three main health issues that put me right up there. All of which will disappear if I lose a good amount of weight. Hell, at this point 5 lbs would be great. So hubby and I went to a meeting and realized the Band that I wanted will get in the way of our lifestyle.

Surgery on hold because I did not want something so invasive right now (and secretly because I love milkshakes on occasion) I decided something else had to give. And that is our wallet. One of the sheets I was given at the info session listed a number of diets and we were to fill out info on the ones we tried. Other than Slimfast, I had almost never heard of the others.

My ticket out of here.

Hubbs had already decided ok, if you need it to help, we can do it. After comparison and discussion with my sister I talked to a Medifast consultant who happens to be in the family (score), happens to be a nurse (safe), and who happens to have tried it herself (works for someone I know). Why not? At this point I had been sick for a few weeks and liquid was what I was used to eating to get my GI system back on track.

Medifast is in both liquid and solid form. And I have one packet/item every 2 hours with dinner around 5-8ish of protein and veggies. Hard? Probably, since I am a carb fiend. But then how did I get to this size? Exactly.

Prior to this, I had seen a nutritionist for my IBS and had looked into a gluten free diet. Both, plus my years of dealing with IBS combine to show processed carbs are bad for me and I need to limit them anyway. Shout out to Theresa for the gluten free support.

Why this one?

High fiber (good for IBS), high protein (good for my belly), no bad ingredients to make my IBS painful or the need for a toilet 7 seconds from me. Plus, like I had said, at the time I was already doing a liquid diet. My normal eating pattern was breakfast, 2 hrs, snack, 2 hours, lunch, 2 hrs, snack, 2-4 hours dinner. That is the same pattern for this program. Not much transition issue there. I am used to consuming food and drink at my desk while I work so guzzling down these semi liquid, semi solid meals won't happen. Sipping was recommended, and sipping is easy for me.


My sister and hubby support this. The surgery? Only my sister, God love her. Both she and I know people who are living so much better thanks to the surgery. Thanks to her, I found a diet that looks like what I need and my hubbs will make me run for exercise. Not to mention Lee is my gym partner. Yoga/tai chi/pilates two days a week, Zuma two days a week, and some class on Friday if there is room.

I think that is about it. Time to write my thoughts on the meals.

Here is to five short bits a day. Cheers!