Monday, May 16, 2011

Breakfast, oatmeal

Kinda blah, but it thickened up really nicely after letting it sit. I like mine almost solid so no goopy crap falling on my paperwork. Eating it lasted almost an hour with my usual coffee sips in between.
Lee found out the oatmeal smells like dog food. I didn't notice until a trip back from the bathroom and the rooms did in deed smell of dog food.

I am full so its a check in my book. Karen said this is why she wanted to talk to me yesterday, to fill me in on the not so hot items. Other than the weird smell, which was taken care of by a few spritzes of bathroom spray, I'm good with the oatmeal.

Plus, took time to eat it
Plus, easy to eat at work
Plus, full until next meal

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