Tuesday, May 31, 2011

But who's counting?

A week since Tuesday, Day 16?

Mom and Dad came into town on Wed. We ate BWWings, blue cheese and carrots and celery. Not what I was used to, and since it was fried, it exited immediately.

I maintained my diet during the day and then ate whatever at night. We took M&D to McGuire's (yes, again,) to celebrate the secret news on Thursday night. They had a truly amazing time and the food portions and quality blew them away. It was a great experience. And my IBS is so ingrained I got the bean soup, I feel like this is deja vu... but with each bite of this delicious 12 cent bean soup, I couldn't help but think, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs.

Prior to McG I took Mom to the Commissary on base. She was utterly amazed at the super low prices. We only needed salad stuff, really.

Friday Hubbs had to work and we just sat around and enjoyed doing nothing. Mom and I went out to Gulf Coast Seafood, the little blue shack-looking structure in downtown FWB. Excellent, I love that place. We bought a pound of shrimp and headed over to Publix since they hadn't gotten the clams yet. After seeing the price of muscles and scallops we decided to just go with the two items. She made this amazing Cioppino (kettle of fish) she found online. No carbs! As long as you do not dip bread in it. **We did skip the flakey fish... my dad and I like it.

Saturday was a sunning day from Mom and myself while the guys talked about whatever was on tv. We hit the beach on base at about 4 which was perfect. Scored a few Adirondack chairs and doggy paddled around the three feet of water. I thought it was perfect since it is so shallow for so far. Of course, the racing boats made the waves I was trying to avoid, and there were no jumping fish (mullet) for them to see due to all the activity. We all had a great time. Including hubbs!

Sunday was their driving day, leaving about 9 or 10 I think. I sat out in the shade all day and read a library book. We had steak for dinner, broccoli, salad. I was bad and had mashed potatoes... so good, but definitely something I can leave behind now. And we had a fried up onion, also bad for me. That was more for him. I am thinking maybe rolls, which I have decided I can live without, as well, but there are still refrigerator rolls on the back shelf, so who knows. May be time to throw those babies.

Monday I gardened from 8am to 1pm in a t-shirt, long sleeved shirt over it, long, thick jeans, sneakers, and my beach hat. Those bugs were not getting to me!

I was dead exhausted. It was 95* outside I was later told. But my side bushes look so much better. I had originally just clipped small branches. But I got out my hand saw from my field bag, Go Archaeo!, and sawed off the limbs that grew out to bend to the sun. After clearing so much away I saw evidence that these had been pruned once before, long before. It was a nice feeling to see my labor had been shared by someone who cared once. The devastation left in my wake will take weeks to be removed. However, perhaps now we can grow some grass and have less mosquitoes attacking me. Having cleaned up the under branches we now have a wonderful breeze. It all started with clearing the side walk of foliage and then I just kept sawing. So much better now. I should take pictures. Anyone have hedge trimmers I could borrow??

I plan to plant citronella plants around the house to get rid of those pests. I was worried the whole time I trimmed branches that I would be hurting the ecosystem right there in the little stream, cutting spider habitats, opening it up so no food source would stick. But I have to live here, so with a care, those pests are going! Now to just get rid of the yellow flies and their painful bites!!

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  1. Weighed myself as soon as I got into work today, I did not gain any weight!! Maintained which is great. Go me!