Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day III Wednesday

I just could not get out of bed this morning! I looked at the clock at 7.30 and had to rush. I left the house about 8 and was starving. Just before leaving I took a bar and divided it similarly to last night and mowwed it on the way to work while chatting with my mother on speaker phone.

And yes, I did lick the danged plate.

Mid morning, doing pretty good. Just made some tea and it is boiling hot so I will drink my morning 28 oz of water instead. Since I am not so hungry I am going to wait the 3 hours before my shake. Still debating yoga tonight. I really should go. Decided to give Lee back her delic recipe book I have on loan, the carb recipes call me. But I will copy a ton of really good veggie dishes. Lots of squash, although high in the carbs, still better than breads and beer. I am looking to last this out not crash and burn for perfection.

Mid morning snack banana creme shake. Not bad. I think I can taste the thickening agent, but that might just be the vitamins in it. And I am not exactly gulping it either. Plus!

This morning I was debating posting my meal tracker. But it would be the day after for the post. Anyway, the idea was to keep my snacking and exercise in the public eye. Its just so easy to go home now that hubbs is home, compared with this time last year when all I had was exercise.

No exercise last night except walking from room to kitchen and back again. Can't crap out today too, this is how I got where I am right now. Into bed last night early for me as well.

Lunch is chicken and wild rice or something like that. This one was a bit more involved with microwave steps but it does have peas and carrots in it. Hell, if it was colored cardboard I could not be more excited. I need to call Bobbie and ask her specifics about veggie portions and drink options. I feel like everything we talked about and I read went right out of my mind. I could go through the reading material, but I get home and its lazy relax time. For how much I was consuming the cut in cals is probably whats doing that.

Soup does not taste so hot. Fave right now is def chix noodle, like Karen mentioned it was in her office. However, it takes me longer to eat the soup, especially with a small spoon. Which reminds me, I wanted to go by a second hand shop and get some spoons for the office. Using plastic spoons hurts my tree-hugging heart.

Coke Zero at 2pm. I hate carbonation so this will last me at least the hour.

Still NO IBS issues. Always a plus.

4pm strawberry shake. I feel like today I am over the hump although my body has yet to adjust and start burning fat.

Almost 5, I still have one meal left plus dinner lean and green. Doing great! That can be a brownie for snack maybe. Going to try to find the Ruff place to get my ass in gear and get my doggy fix and help out a no kill shelter.

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  1. Went to check out RUFF, a no kill animal shelter. Those dogs were so lovie even though the racket they made was crazy. I just walked around and talk to them said hello and get the 411 on the afternoon/night shift. I can basically do whatever because they need any help possible. Lately I am in my freak housecleaning mode so I wanted to swiffer all the walkways in the building and had a fleeting thought of bringing my animal vacuum in to scoop up the hair....

    Back to the diet. I spent to hours there talking, not hungry!

    Came home, dinner was ready after an hour, still not hungry. I ate it anyway. Now its 8 pm, I am good and still have 1 more of the 5 meals to eat. Maybe Ill do the brownie at 9 and and go to bed. I think I need to start eating earlier. That might make the day go by better.

    P.S. I plan to get my exercise in by walking those dogs then going to the gym with Lee. Score!