Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This one is a running commentary of my afternoon thoughts. Surprisingly enough, typing it out is much faster that telling someone in the office. Like shouting to Lee.

Ok. My cup of lunch, broccoli soup, was just fine. I needed to mix it a bit more after I heated it the second time. That was around 12 1230. By 1.30 I was hungry. I tried to think it through with both Jenn and my sister via text. I want the weight in my belly to feel full and then think it. I know, I need to reverse this.

I need to look this up, I am having more gas but less pressure. And I am going No. 1. a ton but other than the .... 8*5 = 40 more onces of liquid food... Ok that could be making me go more often. At least it is a healthy almost clear color. And also, so far, no IBS trouble!

I had two cups of peppermint tea, no sweetener. I am fine with it that way, sometimes I just don't want all that sweet taste, regardless of where it came from or how natural it is. That actually helped a bit with my aggravated feelings. I was counting the seconds until 2 secretly trying to get to 2.30 and then to 3. 2.46 sounds like a good time to have a strawberry shake.

Not as bad as Day 1. Sip, I need to remember to sip not gulp. I am hungry and gulping is going on. Too bad its not all hot so I have to sip. Unfortunately, high temperatures have a bad habit of denaturing which might turn my clumpy water into just that.

*note to self, pay attention to the directions and it won't be clumpy. Shaking for 30 seconds on the walk back to the office will get rid of the clumps. Idiot.

Done-I'm done, that's it, Done. Done refers to how I feel every time I am hungry and want real food, solid food, feel good food. Its only Day 2, and here I sound like a death camp survivor, which actually puts things into perspective. Especially since this fasting is self imposed and I paid for it.

I need to make tea or hot water with lemon, because I like citrus. Hot might be the Key. The books said it so why not. Now I need a hotpot! Smile :-)

Now I am over my after lunch slump I am feeling much better. Its 4, well after I should have left work but I like to get to a nice stopping point. Last smoke break of the day. Time for Meal No. 4 and I can wait a bit right now. Maybe have it on the way home.

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