Friday, May 20, 2011

friday as booboo day

I was so bad I don't even want to talk about it. Which is what this blog is for, to make me do it.
Shake for breakfast at home.
Met Amber at the airport for her husbands homecoming.
Spoke to Alisha about grabbing lunch after her Dr. appointment.
That took a bit. Maybe I misheard her.
Wasted time waiting for her. Mixed a shake I brought in case the plane was late- GO me!
Went into work. She calls. I sign out and load pics of the homecoming to bide time until Alisha is home. Shes packing so lunch is out.
I grab BK, ok fries, bad. Ill do the chicken strip thing. OMG not chicken and not strips. it was kind of like eating mozz sticks when there seems to be no cheese.
It was disgusting to look at and eat. The whole time I was hearing Jen in my head saying, and its not even worth it, nasty carbs, if your going to cheat make it really worth it.
I should have just cut my losses at 6$ and tossed it in the trash. By this I was starving and left my mixes at work. Fine.
I did however get the SMALL. Not that that makes it all better, but I at least had restraint while cheating, something I have not had as of late. My specialists will be so glad to hear I made such a leap. - see what happens when you start cutting the crap from your diet. You just want less.
Over to Alisha's to help her pack and stay sane. It was great girl time.
Had been under the misconception work was running low for I took my time. Oops, they had stuff they wanted out today. I'm an ass.
I am still super full from BK and I can feel the weight in my belly. I really don't like that.

Dinner is scheduled for tuna and salad and some other veggie. Its Friday. I am working late to finish a read-through. I realized my brain functions went through the toilet on this diet. So weird. Probably because my brain eats simple sugars it got from the carbs I was eating. Anyway, its Friday. I want Chinese take out. I have been bad. No take out. However, with the IBS I have gotten used to steamed veggies or the hot and sour soup or tofu. Usually all of those and then eat on it for a few days. Go me and portioning it out. However, I have successfully shrunk my stomach and take out is always easy to mauw to much.

ON THE PLUS SIDE!!!! I lost a few pounds! I was sketchy about how much I started with, thinking 238ish. I know, it spikes recently when I twisted my foot in zumba and then got those killer blisters from my stupid pretty sandles.
PLUS SIDE! I lost a few pounds! The needle totally and obviously moved a few bars. And it was the middle of the day after my two shakes, minus my water I didn't drink and before BK. After my steak, skrimps, roll, and rice dinner GO me!

Go me is right!

So its not a success story I read about. And way below the real stories I have heard. Lets recap on what I have succeed with:
~trying all the food options
~sticking with it at work
~sticking with it at home
~eventually not feeling hungry
~figuring out my hours and that it doesn't have to be set in stone
~getting to work early- plus all around!
~not beating myself up or getting down about failures
~being big picture oriented
~planning ahead of time my "cheats" so no overdoing it or being surprised
~thanking Billy, Karen, and Mom for being supportive, even if it was just in my head. I did tell Billy out loud.
~planned out lo/no cal drinks to cut out beer and wine. Or at least cut down the wine. Beer so far is out of the picture. At least Billy will still enjoy the kegerator.

Great way to finish the work week. Here is to the weekend! TGIF and maybe a lo cal martini


  1. Keep up the good work! Planning ahead is an important one.

  2. I'm proud of you. But, keep with it, NO BK!!!!! But you will be amazed at the amount you will lose each week. You go girl

  3. @ Chris- you are so right, its sticking to the plan I have to work towards.
    @ Karen - I know, I didn't even want the BK. I should have gotten the chix sand and at just the chix, no bun etc. oh well.

    Since I killed the day and I was surrounded by updates of cupcakes, at 9pm we ordered Chinese takeout. I got tofu and mixed veggies and hot and sour soup. Half of the veggies and a pint of the soup down, I was full. Yay!