Thursday, May 19, 2011

I spoke too soon ***Warning, gross stuff discussed***

I did, I spoke too soon. **** Warning, the rest is gross talk about poop intended for my nurses, Mom, Karen, and Laurie****

I did not have any pain or cramping, yay! I am still taking the IBS med and my anx med to take care of that. Just in case, I continued with all meds and can call to adjust after a week or two.

Explosive diarrhea last night, completely liquid. Now I had a pork chop, as I already told Mom. Pork has always been bad on my IBS system. We grilled it, not unusual, and I ate half of it since I haven't purchased a food scale yet. We had the first ones two days ago. So NOOOOO pork. Billy even grilled it until it was dry to get the fat out for me. There must be something in the proteins my body does not like.

Up early this am, again a double flusher. It has to be the pork. But on the other hand, my body is adjusting to the new diet, in that case. I was glad because all my trips had been amazingly "normal" which is never normal for an IBS system. So no more pork, and we will see if my poops sort themselves out.

Tonight is tuna from a can. I am excited. I have been craving it dripping in balsamic vinegar!

645 am, been up for an hour, not hungry, yay! Laurie gave me some great ideas of drinks other than water. Crystal light and club soda for some bubbley! That sounds fun. So I took the bottles I saved up from some party and all my tea that I bought for Dad and its headed to work with me.

PS. Brownie is not bad at all actually. I could have gone to bed w/o it, but then I might be starving right now.

Now that I am late, wanted to get out of work early today, I am off! Here is to a bright new day.

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