Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Week 2... or 1 again?

Morning news. I lost a few more pounds. Probably from this crazy weekend. Just got to keep it off.
Could not get up this am, dreaming right through my alarm and the dog licking my hand.

Got up, let her out, she didn't like the freshly watered grass. Getting ready was like in slow motion, my brain was waterlogged. Got into work, drank my coffee and had my breakfast strawberry shake at 10am. Starving by 11.30. Just need to hold out another half hour. And drink my morning three glasses of water to fill my belly and rehydrate. Scheduled to donate platelets today. Not sure its a good idea bc I have to eat sweets after to get my blood moving again. But I am the universal donor and I can't help but say yes. We will see.

The gross chix and rice soup, which actually smells nice, was made at 12.30 and consumed within less than 15 minutes. I am hungry. I have another 28 oz of water to drink and then if that doesn't staunch the mungries (somewhere between munchies and hungry), I might have a lunch desert of chocolate shake. After eating the rehydrated peas from the soup I really want the $1 cup of soup with all the ramen in it. Ugh!

1pm. hungry. Drank 16 oz. Broke drown and nabbed a Worther's hard candy from the kitchen. This is how the day is going to go. Drat! All the gum packets I grabbed to hold me over are in the car. I totally forgot to bring them in.
10 minutes later and I am mad a drinking, sick of drinking, and I want to chew food. I need to bring those meal bars in- bingo! I did bring a box in and forgot about it. But now the water is filling me up and the flavor of the candy is satiating.

1damn30 and I'm burping up water and my belly feels empty making this weird hunger/need to chew even more bizarre. Thoughts anyone????

snippet from office talk...."that's because you're hungry, sh!t on a shingle would probably taste good to you right about now," "no, but I could chew the shingle."

2.15 its only been an hour since my shake. I want something. I need to drink my afternoon water. blah. Maybe I'll find a tall cup and mix some bubbly with crystal light.

Busy working. 4.15 brought a chocolate shake, why does chocolate always clump?

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