Friday, May 20, 2011

the morning of Friday Day 5

Well my lean and green dinner last night was carb loaded. And I have to say I didn't fully enjoy it because the carbs we had were already ones that upset my IBS. We were celebrating a SECRET, so I can't tell you, it would ruin the surprise. Anyway, 8 oz steak, I ate maybe half, a bit less, and three large skrimps. Buttered Rolls.... a no no! but why the hell no?

Why not? Because the need for carbs is in my head. I also had a small scoop of rice. Neither were satisfying (yay!) or a must-have when I consumed them. I must be sabotaging myself with my thoughts of what I can't have and then rebelling against myself. It must go deeper than that but I am not psychoanalyzing myself at 6 am.

What did I learn from dinner? I like my shrimp without butter/margarine/oil and the same for my rice. (**I do love it, but those upset my IBS so I have learned to live without for a few years now.) Steak is always delic, but a small portion really IS just fine. My veggies were a nice clump of broccoli and a salad. I did save the half a steak and skipped my 5th medi meal to equal out the cals. And then I had a fruit popsicle. That probably put me over, but oh well. I had (sweet oops) tea instead of a beer. It will take a bit to transition, but I am already proving to myself what I "need" I don't really need and what I "want" I am ok not eating. I think this is a definite Score.

Mom we need to go through that boxed wine and see if its still palatable. If so we have three boxes to kill. lol

I think that is about it for last night. If you catch this in the early am I will be editing it for my running daily log.

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