Monday, May 16, 2011

Not so lean or green the first night

For dinner we did a left over all hands on deck soup. Billy made it so of course it was yumm. Now the fridge is mostly empty except for the left over pasta from my measuring experiment gone wrong (measure cooked, not dry). That he can eat.

I am not happy about cutting my apple a day out. Or my yogurt. I was so good about trying to eat the yogurt and get enough fruit in. Sigh, gotta try it tho.

Laurie asked how I felt today. I was constantly eating actually. I took my sweet time drinking or eating the chicken soup that it was almost time for the next one when I had finished. Not bad. But it is awfully time consuming so I will have to figure out my plan of attack. I am sure it will get much faster the more I do it. Not simply consuming but the prep time. Going to the kitchen and shaking it up etc. Ok, I guess it doesn't seem like that much, but it does feel that way.

I don't smoke, so I guess every 2 hours it can be my smoke break.

I walked for 1 hour today. Yay! Not supposed to exercise for three weeks but when I have the motivation I have got to do it. So, free treadmill, I am glad the universe aligned to help all of us out and get you into my house.

My nickname from Billy is BlackToe, from my early experiences of walking on the tread and having it turn my feet literally black. I am sure I posted a pic to facebook. Maybe I will pop it in here somewhere.

Cupcakes struck at about 830 tonight. Lucky I don't have any, but I wanted them. Billy said, Its time for bed! And he was right. I was tired and craving weight in my tummy. But I can tell ya this much, I like not having all the pressure from my IBS trying to deal with solid food.

Instead of my beloved cakes I made a Medifast hot chocolate drink. It was really good actually. I tried it cold and warmed but, both were great. I already had my 5 medis but I did read it was ok to add more if you cant get past the hunger in the beginning. And that is what I did. Of course after I started drinking it I realized hot tea probably would have been fine and saved me 100 cals and 2$ meal. Oh well.

Here is to tomorrow with fingers crossed!

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