Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ready for food

Its only day 2 (1 and a half actually) and I am ready for food. REAL food. My 3 hr wait period has turned back into 2 hours. I have already drank (drunk?)... consumed 56 oz of water and it is not making me less hungry.

But is it belly hunger? I am definitely hungry but not fiending for food. It must be all in my head.

I plan to counter this with mindless munching of celery stalks. I find I need something on them so I will have to look this up before I buy them. I wanted restriction for ease and no unknown cheating. I might just have to have an extra "meal" a day until I get used to this.

Random thought, I think the thickening agent leaves a strange taste in my mouth which I combat with drinking more water. I guess its a win!

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