Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, first weekend

Up at 830 am and Medi pancakes for breakfast at 930. I took Karen's coworker's advice and put a thin bit of peanut butter on them. Billy made them and liked the shaker deal. They didn't taste very good but will be fine covered in something. And it took way more than 20 chews to eat. Score. Three cups of coffee in and I was good.

Relaxed and took care of some bills. We discussed where we wanted to check out the fishing potential and on the way out I made a soft serve ice cream in the shaker jar. I switched the ice on the fridge to crush and pulled out the big chunks and shook it for about a minute. Chocolate mint was mighty fine. And crushed ice in the shaker is just fine. So that will have to be a home staple. No blender necessary.

We grabbed some Moes since I had a bogo coupon and Billy was craving it. I got the chix salad, no taco shell. I should have skipped the beans (still in my IBS mode) and didn't pay attention to what I said yes to, cheese. I got the vinaigrette and only used one- go me! I topped it with my favorite green fresh cilantro salsa. I also scrapped off most of the cheese and beans. I did try.

I was very full and toss half the bowl. Go me and not feeling like I have to finish. Veggies that are not included in week 1 diet: cucumber, tomato, onions. I still skipped the carbs. It "hurt" to say no to my chips and queso. But I feel better.

As a matter of fact, I had so much energy I attacked the "garden" along the front of the house, the two sago palms, a 5 foot stretch of pricker vines, and monkey grass clumps. Just looked up the monkey grass.... apparently they flower. Oops. It looked like a mess.

My gardening thoughts include applying a new layer of soil down (mucho denero), and either plant some flowers or leave them in pots in the garden.... Or now I am thinking of grabbing a bunch of the monkey grass, if its affordable, and filling up the garden so it is nice and green and alive. I need to get the list of plants my mother had on Ashwood Ave. I loved those.

So I attacked the garden and definitely hit my wall after about an hour. But go me. I am really liking this new rx dose. Its going to take a bit to get used to. But the energy is high.

Oh, as I posted on facebook, after my success shake we checked out a nice lake and walked around part of it. I showed Billy a catface cut tree which still had the apron attached and we had a quick lesson on the naval stores turpentining industry in the area. I need to get my camera and get back there. More exercise - CHECK. Shoes? flipflops, so not prepared.

Stopped by the see Alisha and the moving progress, hit up the commissary, and then came home and vacuumed out my trunk, rearranged my tools, checked out my spare tires, and it looks nice and pretty. Then I attacked the garden.

Its 10pm. I am thinking of a shake and then going to bed. I didn't drink enough water and assume my optional condiments, option snack, veggie/salad, healthy fat serving, and lean protein were all taken care of by my Moes salad. I think I am over Moes. Good thing for my diet.

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