Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Crazy Sunday

Got up early to pick up Alisha's dog, we are watching it for a few days while she prepares to move back home. Skipped breakfast to have later on when we got back. Turns out I stayed to help her box stuff up. Somewhere around 1030 they were starving so a quick trip to Md's brought me to a drink, a frozen lemonade, and a parfait.

In retrospect I could have gotten a sandwich and pealed everything off. But I think I did pretty well with my parfait. I was full and did not even want a french fry that was sitting right in front of me. Yeah, baby, yeah.

Back for more packing, friendly sanity, and baby socks galore. I got home and had a strawberry shake. Gardening in the sun , Billy asked me please not to overexert myself. And I did... totally dehydrated.

Most of the day was a blur of sleep depravity and hunger unknown. But it was relaxing and we watched Mia, the dog, chase bugs a and bird shadows. She would make a great herding dog they way she chased Billy around the back yard.

Finish with a move. Its been ages since we watched a movie together... Billy. It has.

-----fast fwd to monday morning, forgot to post this. apparently I fell asleep.

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