Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, Day 4

I was up early today, as you can see from the previous blog. Did not rush my coffee or feel hungry.

8 am. I ate blueberry oatmeal for breakfast. Still smelled up the room like dogfood, but it did taste good.

10.55. Just thought I might be hungry. I can feel the emptiness gnawing at my belly. Yay 3 hours before noticing hunger. Actually, might be more like 2 because I took a while to eat the oatmeal. Definitely not as filling as real oatmeal which can last me all day. Eh, it just has to last me 2 hours. Mission accomplished. I think its time for a strawberry shake and a potty break.

I do not appear to have lost any weight yet. Ah well, I knew it would take time since my diet was close to this one. Long term, have to think long term. Not to mention its 12.30 and not 6 am when I woke up and had nothing to e...drink.

2pm is here and its time to eat lunch. Its late but I am not totally starving and this is how my days go. Side effects of not eating (or walking outside for that matter) include inability to spell properly, loss of thought, loss of thought mid-sentience, general inability to think as I normally would. This is why people are not supposed to skip meals. Maybe its time to go back to 2 hours only.

315 that soup is sooo salty. I feel like my mouth is a cotton ball, absorbing and swelling. But its good and it takes me a while to eat it. I should be drinking more water anyway.

3.30 I am done for the day. will make a shake and take it to visit the dogs. A bit early, but better than being hungry with a 125 pound pooch. I am so excited!

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