Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tueday Day 2 again or Day 9

Had a shake at 10, 1030ish and am starving by 1245!

Finally ate the soup, hand over fist really. Almost 1.15. I did not drink my morning water, no wonder I was starving. And I ate the soup so fast because I wasn't drinking water during the "meal."

I do not want to go to work tonight. Just wanted to share that. As a matter of fact I do not want this job anymore, but I need it in the event we ever PCS out of here and the place we end up at has no archaeology jobs. Surprise, Surprise.

Successes: Lost about 5 pounds over the weekend (checked then). Looked at myself today and thought I looked leaner. This is amazing, actually. I don't usually think that. Especially not after a horrible nightmarish dream, which attacked me this morning. Usually I am sort of mad at the world and preoccupied with psychoanalyzing myself.

I am going to have to do a shake at around 4 and then one at work around 6. If I remember, I will try to bring a bar as well. Being around all those carbs will kill me. Stupid work.

Forgot my bar, no help on the way to work.

I failed. Hunger hit so I made a chix breast. As I ate it I realized I was chewing each small mouthful 20 times. Go me! Its becoming second nature. The chix just made me realize how hungry I was. So I ate a basket of left over fries. Sooooo goood..... soooo bad. There were no veggies to eat. I could have had a few tomatoes but those are not allowed now and at work they are weighing everything. Nevermind that.

I came home and at my left over sweet and sour soup, small, and put a few eggs on to boil. After a while I took them off and put them in the fridge. Time for bed. I should have gone to bed before the soup.

Exhausted but excited. Mom and dad are visiting in less than 24 hours. They should be here around dinner time or after. The dog will be here until Thursday morning so they get some dog time. We will miss Mia (meeah). She is perfect, perfectly trained. We tire her out in the back yard and there is no barking (except if someone enters the front door, like when I get home for the day), no nervous whining, crying or pacing. She is great. As my buddy, Ceasar Milan says, exercise. She has been taught to bring the ball back and drop it, and also to sit for a brushing. Excellent job Alisha and Travis. We will miss her ;.(

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