Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What to do about Hubbs and dinner?

I ate my last 5 at 5. I chose a bar and cut it down the middle and then in half and again. The bites were actually quite thick. I decided to dust my entire house and popped one "bite" in my mouth and chewed it until I hit 20 chews and then swallowed anything left. I also started drinking another large bottle of water.

I was doing great until I went through the mail. Food ads, coupons, agh! I tossed it in recycle and grabbed my pretty windwhips and went outside to tie them up in the tree. I was smelling food, bad food, but goooood food. Billy was out with me and I told him, we are downwind of McDs. All I am smelling is foooood. Time to go inside, come on! was his exact words.

My loving husband has decided to follow the diet parameters with me, at least in front of me. So I will not be temped by his carbs and fats. He even bought low fat low cal Italian dressing thinking it was great. And it is, such a change from what he usually likes. I was so proud of him. I need to mix up some oil and vinegar with spices. It all came about while I was finishing cleaning the bedroom. He mentioned whether or not he wanted buns with his burgers, would that be mean. After going back and forth about it and why I had gotten to the size I am, I assured him it would be fine whatever he chose to eat. He said no, I am going to cut carbs too. If you can do it, I can too. And then he told me about the Italian salad dressing. I love him.

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