Monday, May 16, 2011

Why now?

Here's to losing weight!

I have managed to eat myself into oblivion and need to stop those bad habits and get on the train back to a healthy weight. Yay to losing 130 lbs

I am keeping this blog in an effort to keep up with the diet and express my feelings, whatever they may be.

Why now?

Both my Dr and my specialist suggested I look into gastric bypass. But you are not big enough, you say. I happen to have three main health issues that put me right up there. All of which will disappear if I lose a good amount of weight. Hell, at this point 5 lbs would be great. So hubby and I went to a meeting and realized the Band that I wanted will get in the way of our lifestyle.

Surgery on hold because I did not want something so invasive right now (and secretly because I love milkshakes on occasion) I decided something else had to give. And that is our wallet. One of the sheets I was given at the info session listed a number of diets and we were to fill out info on the ones we tried. Other than Slimfast, I had almost never heard of the others.

My ticket out of here.

Hubbs had already decided ok, if you need it to help, we can do it. After comparison and discussion with my sister I talked to a Medifast consultant who happens to be in the family (score), happens to be a nurse (safe), and who happens to have tried it herself (works for someone I know). Why not? At this point I had been sick for a few weeks and liquid was what I was used to eating to get my GI system back on track.

Medifast is in both liquid and solid form. And I have one packet/item every 2 hours with dinner around 5-8ish of protein and veggies. Hard? Probably, since I am a carb fiend. But then how did I get to this size? Exactly.

Prior to this, I had seen a nutritionist for my IBS and had looked into a gluten free diet. Both, plus my years of dealing with IBS combine to show processed carbs are bad for me and I need to limit them anyway. Shout out to Theresa for the gluten free support.

Why this one?

High fiber (good for IBS), high protein (good for my belly), no bad ingredients to make my IBS painful or the need for a toilet 7 seconds from me. Plus, like I had said, at the time I was already doing a liquid diet. My normal eating pattern was breakfast, 2 hrs, snack, 2 hours, lunch, 2 hrs, snack, 2-4 hours dinner. That is the same pattern for this program. Not much transition issue there. I am used to consuming food and drink at my desk while I work so guzzling down these semi liquid, semi solid meals won't happen. Sipping was recommended, and sipping is easy for me.


My sister and hubby support this. The surgery? Only my sister, God love her. Both she and I know people who are living so much better thanks to the surgery. Thanks to her, I found a diet that looks like what I need and my hubbs will make me run for exercise. Not to mention Lee is my gym partner. Yoga/tai chi/pilates two days a week, Zuma two days a week, and some class on Friday if there is room.

I think that is about it. Time to write my thoughts on the meals.

Here is to five short bits a day. Cheers!