Thursday, June 30, 2011

Medi website

Today I registered for the Medifast website. I should have done this the moment I decided and bought my first month's meals.

Not only does it have a blog spot where members can comment and encourage, it has an electronic daily meal watch, which is easier to use than the paper one, a way to enter exercise and it even tracks cholesterol or fat or cals, etc.

I also found out since Week 1 I should have been doing toning exercises. I am pissed. If I had just done it and gotten it over with, I thought it over tons of times, I would be in better shape. Laziness, pure laziness on my part.

But I have it now, and actually, honestly, I am probably in better shape than the beginners. I printed it out and am now debating printing out the exercises for week 1-6 (now way past) for intermediate.

Today was another starving day. I made it through but was so hungry. I am serious about eating carbs and then my body being starving. Maybe this is what Laurie meant when she said it would take my body 3 days to go back to diet burning.... three days of starving to get used to it again.

At least my no.2 is back in order. I'll tell ya, when IBS kicks in a mostly liquid diet is sooo bad.

I went through the cupboards and am so wanting my organic mac and cheeeeeeeeese!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soup is the word

Soup. Word.

Water based, non cream soups are the way to go. I love them and they don't stick around on the scale. I found this out this morning.

I need to bust out that cabbage soup WW recipe Uncle Ted gave me. And make it once a week.

Last night was homemade veggie based soup with garlic, onions, and escarole. Plus seasonings. And I was not happy to see the K veggie bullion has MSG. No wonder it tastes good.

Mostly filling, extremely variable in taste and spiciness, I just love soup in all its reincarnations.

Next will be pumpkin soup, too bad its so high in carbs.

Insomnia struck again and I was too exhausted to get up this morning for my walk. Perhaps Ill go after my hair appointment, and ruin her styling. Ugh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isomnia killed the workout star

I should have known it was going to rain when I started to have a headache that would not abate. It was probably a migraine, but two advil made it tolerable and with the movie we watched I totally forgot.

But I could not fall asleep. Fast forward to this morning, I could not stay awake. The storm woke me up around 2 maybe and from then on it was a series of crazy dreams and wakeful tossing and turning.

At 4 I decided to try to stay in bed and not do my walk that early. More tossing and turning led me to work late. Maybe I'll do my walk when I get home. In retrospect, I should have just gotten up and walked a slow walk.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Workout Week 2

I hit the treadmill at 3.0 speed for 30 mins. Skipped Sat. but did it Sunday and this morning. I did not want to get up today.

Start out weight is now 231. Hubbs suggested I weigh myself of Thursdays since I eat totally different on weekends. It makes quite a bit of sense.

I am happy about the treadmill. Happy I am sticking with it. At some point I will charge my Ipod, download some newer songs, the 80s are boring now, and use that for motivation through the whole 1800 seconds. I hate commercials. Hate them. But the music channels don't always have enough beat for me. Actually, what am I talking about. I can just put on Mexican station and that will keep me going. I just don't think like this right out of bed.

Dinner tonight will be homemade soup. I precooked oatmeal cookies and pancakes, but neither seem appetizing right now. Oh well, this is why I fail at precooked food. Its just not as good as spare-of-the-moment take out.

To finish today, I tried on 2 pair of shorts to wear today. They both pulled right off. Can't be having that at work ;-) Yay getting skinny. Oh, and hubbs said my bum was getting "grabbier."
Yay for definition

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workout day 3 and skip 4

Day 3 In review. Went to Dr. and scale said 230.something. Go me! So the 5 pounds during the week is removed by walking a half hour a day, specifically in the am.

Rewind to Day 2 evening. I decide to go to Zumba alone, Lee had plans. On my way there I get a premonition that it is canceled. As I check in I see the sign, Canceled. So I get on the elliptical machine for a half hour. Treadmill in am for half hour, elliptical at 530 for half hour. This is much better than waiting for a stupid class. A class that I like.

Return to today, or rather yesterday. I feel good in my clothes. I am actually more lumpy as it all moves around, at least that's what it looks like. But I feel much better. I have energy.

I decided to switch my alarm clock to 5.30 instead of 6 so that when I lay around I will be on time. It worked ok today except that there was no treadmill so I could get the call from Hubbs about Tech and be out of work early enough for dinner plans. Not to mention I was up late sending out emails. Figures, but they are all done!

Wrap up: half hour at 3.0 on the treadmill is do-able and I feel great. During the day I am energized. I like this working out, in my home, on my own schedule.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Workout Day No. 2

I got on the treadmill yesterday morning trying for an hour.

Today I tried for half an hour. The music was waning at about 25 mins. So I pushed the speed up to 3.0 in slow increments.

I got there and now I can feel it in my legs and my glutes. Hello nice butt!

Now I gotta keep up with this every day. I have been making it into work by 9am. If I could only just get up and out of bed! I say working 9-5 is good, but with the sun out and it being nice at 5, not to mention being up early, my brain wants to shut down.

And my food gets crazy. I actually need to eat every 2 hours. After dinner its still every 2 hours. Which leads me to cheat. I did have an extra soup since I skipped the last meal for dinner. So it was in my plan. The turtle chex mix not so much. But the 4 pickle spears was an accepted snack.

Hubbs is fished-out. I could eat it every day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday AM treadmill

I was up and back in bed numerous times since my alarm went off. However, I did get on the treadmill!! I was hoping for an hour, but Prince/Sign-man's When Doves Cry is just not my jam. Three slow songs and the last 3 minutes were hell.

Here is to walking in the AM!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A plateau of my own

So today I weighed myself at 230.1. I realized I have been here, via my blog, for about 3 weeks. I need to get strict. And by strict I need a personal assistant to slap my hand every time I eat badly. Luckily, this week we will be fished out. We have 2 pounds or something crazy like that, of red snapper, plus the snapper I purchased.

Actually what I need is a personal assistant, via a phone app, to pop up and say, no that has carbs in it, this is why you are not realizing it....

For whatever reason weekends are always my skinny times. Maybe its because I have been trimming hedges and doing nothing during the week. Its the same old sob story, the gym classes I want are too late in the day, I can't go home in between for a break. I don't have time afterwards for anything.

Things have been crazy around here. Not really in the house but in my life. Little things here and there that need to be purchased with no money, cleaned, moved, done, updated. Normal life stuff. Just on a not pay week. So annoying. Numbered List
I need to make a "to do list when we have extra money that is not going to pay off my student loans" list. That about sums everything up.

Back to the battle of the bulge. I like eating the "icecream" I make with this diet (a powder packet plus water or shaved ice) and could eat that all weekend. Which is totally fine on this diet. Its health benefits are amazing. To me anyway. I don't need a multivitamin. I don't have IBS. I don't feel hungry as long as I am mentally busy. I know, I say I am starving at work all the time. This is because I sit in one place and work with numerous clocks around me. When I am home on the weekends I simply have the idea to take a break pop in my head and I check the time. Plus or minus half an hour. If I am outside I usually swig down a shake in less than 2 minutes... more the need for water than anything. But as long as I am totally engrossed in something I don't think about it until my body needs the next 100 cals. I love weekends!

I decided I need to go to work later, get on the treadmill in the am, and then I will work until the gym. It worked while hubbs was deployed it can work now. The only problem is that I want dinner at 5! I want to be home with him! We have lived so long passing by while one is up and the other is asleep, one going to work while the other is just getting home and running out again. its summer, I have less hours and I want to enjoy it.

SSsccccrrraaaaattttttcccchhhhhh. That was the record of my inner monologue coming to a screeching halt. I need to focus on my health. The problem here is that mental health plays a key roll (ha, mean role) in physical health, and vice versa. So where does that put me? In the category of you ate too much to feel better about being sick and now you are so heavy its making you sick.

Someone just told me, and don't quote me on this, it takes burning 3500 cals to make up for a meal. That might not have been her statement, I just remember 3500 cals to burn. Maybe that was the pound of flesh damnation. How do you burn that much in an hour? I might top 150 for my treadmill walk. Ha, that is one of my diet meals. No wonder I am at a plateau.

I want to interject here and thank my hubbs, yet again, for saying, no, we are going to bed, I know you are hungry, but that is when you need to go to bed.

I need to surround myself with workout stuff. Hello money! Where are you!? I am such an out of sight out of mind. I should take the example of Kay, my yoga/ tai chi/ pilates instructor. She has to go, go, go, otherwise she won't, and its better for her family if she does. Its better for mine as well.

What kills me, recently, is that I ate take-out Thai a pretty good chuck of the time Hubbs was deployed. And I actually lost about 5 or 10 lbs when he got home. But I was at the gym all the time, working 9 to 5ish instead of 8 to 4ish.

I need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday and Monday, to just sit and think about what to do with my life and my body and why its not working. When I was eating bad it was at least "healthy" bad, now its baaaaddd bad. WTF is the problem.

I'm not really sure but I am having a lot of crazy dreams so its gotta be in my psyche. The crazy thing is my crazy week put me in contact with lots of women who are just as heavy or were just as or heavier than I am now. While not healthy, I am definatly not as F-ed up as I could be. Mentally I am pretty ok, physically too. I know my problem is shear laziness. And the fact that a damned hour takes forever to get through. And that any season but winter in Panhandle FL is dangerously hot. I can legitimize any complaint.

Since I am not doing the treadmill at night, I need to do it in the am. Lee has her dogs to force her to walk, I need my AM sunlight. Might as well use what is free right? If we moved to Alaska I would be skinny from shivering all the time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Need to identify and reeval carb foods

Are you ready to order?

I wasn't, I had been talking. I quickly said chicken and spinach quesadilla. Healthy right? As I handed over the menu I saw the salads.

I am having trouble seeing the carbs in stuff, like wraps, where it isn't a separate side. I am fine not eating the sides but I need focus on how is it actually made?

Fish this week. Speaking of it, I haven't had any but my heartburn is of anchovies. Ew. We will make the cioppino for Monday, BBQ party today.

I also need to make more of an effort to eat every 2 hours on the weekends. I eat so much less and less often that my food count is off.

I decided no more "cheating" as in the word itself. That just makes things even worse. I need to use lax, free, not strict... etc. I had a good one earlier but forgot.
- Just took a break to dance to Technotronic's Shake That Body. Love that song!!! And I love dancing. Where is Shirley when I need her to go dancing with me?

Friday, June 10, 2011

TGIF the end of a bad week.

I'll get to the good stuff first. I walked over 2 miles yesterday on the tread mill and lasted 45 minutes! I could have gone an hour but I was in my fashion sneakers and so my feet were hurting. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I was not exhausted or worn out or tired, other than for the fact it was then 9 pm. Love this diet!

Now, about that diet... This week was so bad. But before I get to that, I stopped off and bought a filet of red snapper, which I have never tried to make myself, two of tilapia, and two fistfuls of shrimp from my local fish shack. I cut and weighed the fish. Cutting was stupid because whole tilapia filet was well within my protein limit. I was surprised. As for the snapper, I cut it into thirds. Those babies and the shrimp, which was way over the protein limit all went into the freezer when I heard Hubbs had a bad day and Chinese food came up.

I convinced him to get something healthier than General Tso's Chix. I was proud of him. I made up the plates. Both got half of our order, mine was chix w veggies, the other half of his plate got his rice. My half was were I put my little order of hot and sour soup... my fav!

I wanted to eat more than that and so I sat down with a full bottle of water and drank it down. Then I cleaned up the plates, put the left overs (!) in the fridge and got my socks to get on the treadmill to work off the pasta from Girls Night Wed Night. Ugh! I think I burned enough cals to take care of the EVOO I dipped my (gasp) crusty Italian bread in.

But go me for walking past 1 mile and half an hour on the treadmill. I read this story in one of the health mags about a woman who worked out to get to her goal weight, ate right, etc. She detailed how she mixes up cardio for a total of 1 hour. I have been thinking of it over and over again. Actually I think mom might have sent it to me. Anyway, an hour of cardio is my goal.

My 45 min fast walk, I sweated, but not as much as I wanted to. I wasn't soaked, so I felt let down and motivated to go at it again.

Today I grabbed backyard burger for lunch. This week is toast, so why not? I took of the bun, go me! and cut up the chix breast and veggies with a fork and knife. Yes, chix from a burger place. i planned to get the burger and chix came out. Oh well, so my protein is maxed for today.

I have a date at Hellenback for pizza (ugh) and beer and then a going away for a fellow mil spouse that I am gonna try to hit up. Somewhere in there, or after but before I pass out, I want to get on the treadmill. I just had a fleeting thought of getting up early to treadmill.... but if I do that I might as well go to toning zumba and yoga. Ugh. who knows. But I am really liking this drive to work out.

Walking always seems to tone me up which changes how I see myself, for the better. I have a bbq party on Sunday. Week 5 I have to be strict! I am paying for this diet, I need to focus.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cruise weight is gone, Energy is UP!

I realized that my cruise weight is now gone. Anything else is real weight loss.

Yesterday Lee and I walked 3 miles. It seemed too far but could have been the heat.

Today was Zumba. While I love it I usually count the minutes and complain. But I did excellent today. I sweated as usual, nothing surprising about that. And while I did watch the clock, I was very surprised I was not dying.

I believe this is the energy everyone is talking about. It could have been just the first day of zumba. But I left feeling really pumped not exhausted. If this is the case, I am sold on this diet.

Unfortunately, after dinner I was starving. I did make it home not stopping off half way, good thing I had my oatmeal cookies I baked to eat on. I ate enough protein, broccoli, and salad. But I felt like I needed more. Maybe Ill make a brownie later on.

I just want to say I hate commercials almost as much as I hate the drive home after the gym.... past ALL of the restaurants and fast food places. Ugh!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wasted calories, so pissed at myself.

I planned to cheat tonight. I do it so often I guess I can't call it cheating.

Anyway, I planned to go to the Billy Bowlegs parade and either get a burger, planned to throw the bun away (yes, I fantasized about this while being hungry earlier in the day, like 1 pm), or chips and cheese at Tijuana Flats. We ended up watching the parade at TF and after a while I was bored. We had no chairs because I forgot to remind Hubbs to grab them. And I had just walked 3 miles with Lee. I was ready to get off my feet, eat, and shower. If I could choose, it would be shower, off my feet and eat.

The wreck of the day was not the TF, it was that I did not know tostada was basically a loaded nacho. Or is there. There wasn't enough chix on there to count as my 5 oz. Ugh! I was so upset when I saw it was nacho thing I had half a mind to ask for a box and order something else. I really wanted to but the thought to stop that -which was ridiculous- was, but that's more money. Its not like I am rolling quahtahs here! There is no shame in that, but not a worry I should be having.

As soon as I tasted it, I didn't want it. Now, home, over an hour later, I am angry with myself. Not only did I surrender to the crush of the crowd, order something new (which I usually do), but I didn't ask, DID NOT ASK, what the hell I was getting. Duh! (I hate that phrase, but it is so applicable here.) There only thing I can think of was that I was so hungry. It was over my 2 hour meal mark.

I have to interject here. I have gotten really good at noticing I am hungry, when I am out, and it clocks at 2 hours. Unless I am totally absorbed in something, it rarely stretched past 2 on the dot. But Yay for me! I was totally starving today, not sure why that was.

To make matters worse, a piece of food was stuck in my tooth and I had heartburn. Could this meal have been any more DON'T EAT ME than that? It was, actually. Every bite my brain said, carbs! empty cals! not worth it! not enough protien! carbs! empty cals! where are my veggies? over and over and over. My brain has actually become trained to tell me no. I still ate it because of that weird $$ thought. But this is huge. If I had a therapist I would say, we are making some serious progress. Instead of shove it in nam nam nam it is telling me no, stop, don't do it. Yay to my brain, you get to play sudoku tonight as a treat! (I do sudoku every night).

Of course, now I have a bunch of bull sh*t loading my tummy down and I am not eating the salad I was day dreaming about on my ride home. That could also be exhaustion, since I am typing in bed.

As a final note, I would like to be one of those people who never sweats nor do they apparently need to. I am a sweaty. Its gross. And smelly, but at least I am not a smelly all the time. I just hate showering twice in one day.

down to 229!!!!!!! Weekend wrap-up

First things first. Sunday morning weigh in .... drum roll: 229!

I checked today, 233, not surprising since we ate dinner at 9pm. But hey! Its working, damn it!

Pork is sooo a nono food. Good thing we only have one more dinner of it and then on to the fish.

Went to visit Cathy. Not only do I love her anyway, but her pool and hot tub had me waking up today ready with energy and relaxed for any delays. I need to visit her more often. Like once a week. lol

That is about it. I found it hard to get all of my meals in on the weekends especially when I am not around. If I am home, inside, I get hungry every 2 hours, almost on the dot. But outside or running around I end up missing and then want to eat an entire Chinese food buffet. Its too bad its so hot out now (87 at 7am) because my bars are melting in the car. Otherwise I would be able to leave them in there for emergencies.

Sunday I set up my next shipment of food. Trying all new stuff. Laurie said to try the eggs on the stove instead of the microwave. Haven't tried it, but for everyone at work, you are safe this week. Saturday night I made some of the oatmeal into cookies since that smells like dog food, again, my poor coworkers. Never complain about it to me, thank you all so much. I baked them in the toaster oven. I love that toaster over. Thanks MIL!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday, week 3 recap

I have been out of the office almost all week so my eating has been crazy. I got a 12 in flat bread from subway, got all my veggies in, and realized I dont need the bread. It almost tasted strange to be eating a carb.

Last night we tried a new sushi place. I know, carb central in sushi rolls. This AM, I was super sick, although it did seemed more like my last pepper dinner.

Lost almost 10 pounds! Need to get my digi scale today to make a more accurate account.

Need to work on my veggie intake, and as Laurie said today, need to be more strict. Since I am not working job 2 this week dinner will be easier. As a matter of fact, I cooked 5 portions of my special pancake packs so I have breakfast nice and ready to eat in the car and get my food schedule back on track.

Also, Monday starts work out day!!! That means the end of the 3 week workout hiatus. My body is hating me and wants activity, although I know I will HATE getting back into my classes. Inactivity is a hard spiral to get out of. There is the want and then the laziness and then the push too hard, the break to heal soar muscles, and then the push to go back.

Mom's idea was to get on the treadmill. I think I might after my veggie shopping :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Stop baiting yourself!" Wed,

This is what my husband said to me last night after seeing that I brought home nacho cheese sauce product. (it can't be real cheese) I ate some with the last of the ruffles, total grease nastiness. But I wanted a carrier for my cheese and didn't feel like eating salty tortilla chips. I put the rest of it in the fridge, it is my absolute weakness, and hubbs roused himself from sleep to explain to me what baiting was-I wasn't sure if it was obvious or some southern term referring to our conversation.

"Why do you keep that crap around, baiting you on your diet?" It was so obvious. Get rid of it! But I did not. More on this later.

Yesterday I had some bad news, the worry potential went through the roof when there was no need yet. Still. I of course wanted to feed it with cupcakes or Chinese food. But I realized this was just a feel-good effort because I didn't even want to taste the food, just shovel it in. Good thing I have my diet to fall back on! So the preset food held me until I headed home. I broke down and got fries from Bk. Bad idea since I had stir-fry w coconut milk (already a nono with IBS) planned for dinner. The stress of unneeded worry is also really bad for IBS.

Wedn. I had to work the cook job. I started out good. I ate a chix breast (which usually makes me sick there...processed?), tried a chorizo (I think) sausage. It was good, but I could see the fat. Had I eaten a roll with it I might have been safe. And I tried (2 tsp of ) the most delic bean soup care of Clarence. Delic. Should have filled up on that; but was thinking beans and carbs. I made it home around 930 or 10 and was hunting for veggies. I ate a salad with minimal dressing (yay) and maued on my cheese product.

Fast fwd to Thurs morning... sicker than a dog with IBS. Why? because I am a dumb ass. Although, to be fair, we have tons of delic ribs left over from Memorial Day, and those would make me sick.... but maybe not like this yuck. As usual, while being sick I swore to myself I would toss everything out and never eat it again. But nacho cheese, in all its fat as Hubbs pointed out, is bad bad bad and soooooooo good. I will deal with it later.

If I can stay out of the bathroom long enough to get ready, I might make it to work on time. On the plus side, getting sick is great motivation to get out of bed and a real eye-opener in the early morning hours. I am making some headway on my bathroom reading, actually.