Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cruise weight is gone, Energy is UP!

I realized that my cruise weight is now gone. Anything else is real weight loss.

Yesterday Lee and I walked 3 miles. It seemed too far but could have been the heat.

Today was Zumba. While I love it I usually count the minutes and complain. But I did excellent today. I sweated as usual, nothing surprising about that. And while I did watch the clock, I was very surprised I was not dying.

I believe this is the energy everyone is talking about. It could have been just the first day of zumba. But I left feeling really pumped not exhausted. If this is the case, I am sold on this diet.

Unfortunately, after dinner I was starving. I did make it home not stopping off half way, good thing I had my oatmeal cookies I baked to eat on. I ate enough protein, broccoli, and salad. But I felt like I needed more. Maybe Ill make a brownie later on.

I just want to say I hate commercials almost as much as I hate the drive home after the gym.... past ALL of the restaurants and fast food places. Ugh!

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