Monday, June 6, 2011

down to 229!!!!!!! Weekend wrap-up

First things first. Sunday morning weigh in .... drum roll: 229!

I checked today, 233, not surprising since we ate dinner at 9pm. But hey! Its working, damn it!

Pork is sooo a nono food. Good thing we only have one more dinner of it and then on to the fish.

Went to visit Cathy. Not only do I love her anyway, but her pool and hot tub had me waking up today ready with energy and relaxed for any delays. I need to visit her more often. Like once a week. lol

That is about it. I found it hard to get all of my meals in on the weekends especially when I am not around. If I am home, inside, I get hungry every 2 hours, almost on the dot. But outside or running around I end up missing and then want to eat an entire Chinese food buffet. Its too bad its so hot out now (87 at 7am) because my bars are melting in the car. Otherwise I would be able to leave them in there for emergencies.

Sunday I set up my next shipment of food. Trying all new stuff. Laurie said to try the eggs on the stove instead of the microwave. Haven't tried it, but for everyone at work, you are safe this week. Saturday night I made some of the oatmeal into cookies since that smells like dog food, again, my poor coworkers. Never complain about it to me, thank you all so much. I baked them in the toaster oven. I love that toaster over. Thanks MIL!

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