Thursday, June 30, 2011

Medi website

Today I registered for the Medifast website. I should have done this the moment I decided and bought my first month's meals.

Not only does it have a blog spot where members can comment and encourage, it has an electronic daily meal watch, which is easier to use than the paper one, a way to enter exercise and it even tracks cholesterol or fat or cals, etc.

I also found out since Week 1 I should have been doing toning exercises. I am pissed. If I had just done it and gotten it over with, I thought it over tons of times, I would be in better shape. Laziness, pure laziness on my part.

But I have it now, and actually, honestly, I am probably in better shape than the beginners. I printed it out and am now debating printing out the exercises for week 1-6 (now way past) for intermediate.

Today was another starving day. I made it through but was so hungry. I am serious about eating carbs and then my body being starving. Maybe this is what Laurie meant when she said it would take my body 3 days to go back to diet burning.... three days of starving to get used to it again.

At least my no.2 is back in order. I'll tell ya, when IBS kicks in a mostly liquid diet is sooo bad.

I went through the cupboards and am so wanting my organic mac and cheeeeeeeeese!!!!

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  1. Nobody said it would be easy. You're still cracking jokes so I think you're doing great at this point Keep up the good work.M.