Saturday, June 11, 2011

Need to identify and reeval carb foods

Are you ready to order?

I wasn't, I had been talking. I quickly said chicken and spinach quesadilla. Healthy right? As I handed over the menu I saw the salads.

I am having trouble seeing the carbs in stuff, like wraps, where it isn't a separate side. I am fine not eating the sides but I need focus on how is it actually made?

Fish this week. Speaking of it, I haven't had any but my heartburn is of anchovies. Ew. We will make the cioppino for Monday, BBQ party today.

I also need to make more of an effort to eat every 2 hours on the weekends. I eat so much less and less often that my food count is off.

I decided no more "cheating" as in the word itself. That just makes things even worse. I need to use lax, free, not strict... etc. I had a good one earlier but forgot.
- Just took a break to dance to Technotronic's Shake That Body. Love that song!!! And I love dancing. Where is Shirley when I need her to go dancing with me?

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