Sunday, June 19, 2011

A plateau of my own

So today I weighed myself at 230.1. I realized I have been here, via my blog, for about 3 weeks. I need to get strict. And by strict I need a personal assistant to slap my hand every time I eat badly. Luckily, this week we will be fished out. We have 2 pounds or something crazy like that, of red snapper, plus the snapper I purchased.

Actually what I need is a personal assistant, via a phone app, to pop up and say, no that has carbs in it, this is why you are not realizing it....

For whatever reason weekends are always my skinny times. Maybe its because I have been trimming hedges and doing nothing during the week. Its the same old sob story, the gym classes I want are too late in the day, I can't go home in between for a break. I don't have time afterwards for anything.

Things have been crazy around here. Not really in the house but in my life. Little things here and there that need to be purchased with no money, cleaned, moved, done, updated. Normal life stuff. Just on a not pay week. So annoying. Numbered List
I need to make a "to do list when we have extra money that is not going to pay off my student loans" list. That about sums everything up.

Back to the battle of the bulge. I like eating the "icecream" I make with this diet (a powder packet plus water or shaved ice) and could eat that all weekend. Which is totally fine on this diet. Its health benefits are amazing. To me anyway. I don't need a multivitamin. I don't have IBS. I don't feel hungry as long as I am mentally busy. I know, I say I am starving at work all the time. This is because I sit in one place and work with numerous clocks around me. When I am home on the weekends I simply have the idea to take a break pop in my head and I check the time. Plus or minus half an hour. If I am outside I usually swig down a shake in less than 2 minutes... more the need for water than anything. But as long as I am totally engrossed in something I don't think about it until my body needs the next 100 cals. I love weekends!

I decided I need to go to work later, get on the treadmill in the am, and then I will work until the gym. It worked while hubbs was deployed it can work now. The only problem is that I want dinner at 5! I want to be home with him! We have lived so long passing by while one is up and the other is asleep, one going to work while the other is just getting home and running out again. its summer, I have less hours and I want to enjoy it.

SSsccccrrraaaaattttttcccchhhhhh. That was the record of my inner monologue coming to a screeching halt. I need to focus on my health. The problem here is that mental health plays a key roll (ha, mean role) in physical health, and vice versa. So where does that put me? In the category of you ate too much to feel better about being sick and now you are so heavy its making you sick.

Someone just told me, and don't quote me on this, it takes burning 3500 cals to make up for a meal. That might not have been her statement, I just remember 3500 cals to burn. Maybe that was the pound of flesh damnation. How do you burn that much in an hour? I might top 150 for my treadmill walk. Ha, that is one of my diet meals. No wonder I am at a plateau.

I want to interject here and thank my hubbs, yet again, for saying, no, we are going to bed, I know you are hungry, but that is when you need to go to bed.

I need to surround myself with workout stuff. Hello money! Where are you!? I am such an out of sight out of mind. I should take the example of Kay, my yoga/ tai chi/ pilates instructor. She has to go, go, go, otherwise she won't, and its better for her family if she does. Its better for mine as well.

What kills me, recently, is that I ate take-out Thai a pretty good chuck of the time Hubbs was deployed. And I actually lost about 5 or 10 lbs when he got home. But I was at the gym all the time, working 9 to 5ish instead of 8 to 4ish.

I need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday and Monday, to just sit and think about what to do with my life and my body and why its not working. When I was eating bad it was at least "healthy" bad, now its baaaaddd bad. WTF is the problem.

I'm not really sure but I am having a lot of crazy dreams so its gotta be in my psyche. The crazy thing is my crazy week put me in contact with lots of women who are just as heavy or were just as or heavier than I am now. While not healthy, I am definatly not as F-ed up as I could be. Mentally I am pretty ok, physically too. I know my problem is shear laziness. And the fact that a damned hour takes forever to get through. And that any season but winter in Panhandle FL is dangerously hot. I can legitimize any complaint.

Since I am not doing the treadmill at night, I need to do it in the am. Lee has her dogs to force her to walk, I need my AM sunlight. Might as well use what is free right? If we moved to Alaska I would be skinny from shivering all the time.


  1. According to (Hubbs "I would rather run than do that shit!") walking at 3 mph burns 121.9 cals per mile. PER MILE! "At 5 mph and faster, walking burns more calories than running." My Q is how do skinny people find the time to burn that many cals even at that speed?
    Probably by not eating the carbs I can't see.