Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soup is the word

Soup. Word.

Water based, non cream soups are the way to go. I love them and they don't stick around on the scale. I found this out this morning.

I need to bust out that cabbage soup WW recipe Uncle Ted gave me. And make it once a week.

Last night was homemade veggie based soup with garlic, onions, and escarole. Plus seasonings. And I was not happy to see the K veggie bullion has MSG. No wonder it tastes good.

Mostly filling, extremely variable in taste and spiciness, I just love soup in all its reincarnations.

Next will be pumpkin soup, too bad its so high in carbs.

Insomnia struck again and I was too exhausted to get up this morning for my walk. Perhaps Ill go after my hair appointment, and ruin her styling. Ugh.

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