Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Stop baiting yourself!" Wed,

This is what my husband said to me last night after seeing that I brought home nacho cheese sauce product. (it can't be real cheese) I ate some with the last of the ruffles, total grease nastiness. But I wanted a carrier for my cheese and didn't feel like eating salty tortilla chips. I put the rest of it in the fridge, it is my absolute weakness, and hubbs roused himself from sleep to explain to me what baiting was-I wasn't sure if it was obvious or some southern term referring to our conversation.

"Why do you keep that crap around, baiting you on your diet?" It was so obvious. Get rid of it! But I did not. More on this later.

Yesterday I had some bad news, the worry potential went through the roof when there was no need yet. Still. I of course wanted to feed it with cupcakes or Chinese food. But I realized this was just a feel-good effort because I didn't even want to taste the food, just shovel it in. Good thing I have my diet to fall back on! So the preset food held me until I headed home. I broke down and got fries from Bk. Bad idea since I had stir-fry w coconut milk (already a nono with IBS) planned for dinner. The stress of unneeded worry is also really bad for IBS.

Wedn. I had to work the cook job. I started out good. I ate a chix breast (which usually makes me sick there...processed?), tried a chorizo (I think) sausage. It was good, but I could see the fat. Had I eaten a roll with it I might have been safe. And I tried (2 tsp of ) the most delic bean soup care of Clarence. Delic. Should have filled up on that; but was thinking beans and carbs. I made it home around 930 or 10 and was hunting for veggies. I ate a salad with minimal dressing (yay) and maued on my cheese product.

Fast fwd to Thurs morning... sicker than a dog with IBS. Why? because I am a dumb ass. Although, to be fair, we have tons of delic ribs left over from Memorial Day, and those would make me sick.... but maybe not like this yuck. As usual, while being sick I swore to myself I would toss everything out and never eat it again. But nacho cheese, in all its fat as Hubbs pointed out, is bad bad bad and soooooooo good. I will deal with it later.

If I can stay out of the bathroom long enough to get ready, I might make it to work on time. On the plus side, getting sick is great motivation to get out of bed and a real eye-opener in the early morning hours. I am making some headway on my bathroom reading, actually.

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  1. P.S. toilets should never "break down" when its workable parts are in great need. "This is not what I need to deal with right now!" I took the top off, fixed it. And then walked around the corner to the "guest" one. Ugh, finished another Smithsonian article.