Friday, June 10, 2011

TGIF the end of a bad week.

I'll get to the good stuff first. I walked over 2 miles yesterday on the tread mill and lasted 45 minutes! I could have gone an hour but I was in my fashion sneakers and so my feet were hurting. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I was not exhausted or worn out or tired, other than for the fact it was then 9 pm. Love this diet!

Now, about that diet... This week was so bad. But before I get to that, I stopped off and bought a filet of red snapper, which I have never tried to make myself, two of tilapia, and two fistfuls of shrimp from my local fish shack. I cut and weighed the fish. Cutting was stupid because whole tilapia filet was well within my protein limit. I was surprised. As for the snapper, I cut it into thirds. Those babies and the shrimp, which was way over the protein limit all went into the freezer when I heard Hubbs had a bad day and Chinese food came up.

I convinced him to get something healthier than General Tso's Chix. I was proud of him. I made up the plates. Both got half of our order, mine was chix w veggies, the other half of his plate got his rice. My half was were I put my little order of hot and sour soup... my fav!

I wanted to eat more than that and so I sat down with a full bottle of water and drank it down. Then I cleaned up the plates, put the left overs (!) in the fridge and got my socks to get on the treadmill to work off the pasta from Girls Night Wed Night. Ugh! I think I burned enough cals to take care of the EVOO I dipped my (gasp) crusty Italian bread in.

But go me for walking past 1 mile and half an hour on the treadmill. I read this story in one of the health mags about a woman who worked out to get to her goal weight, ate right, etc. She detailed how she mixes up cardio for a total of 1 hour. I have been thinking of it over and over again. Actually I think mom might have sent it to me. Anyway, an hour of cardio is my goal.

My 45 min fast walk, I sweated, but not as much as I wanted to. I wasn't soaked, so I felt let down and motivated to go at it again.

Today I grabbed backyard burger for lunch. This week is toast, so why not? I took of the bun, go me! and cut up the chix breast and veggies with a fork and knife. Yes, chix from a burger place. i planned to get the burger and chix came out. Oh well, so my protein is maxed for today.

I have a date at Hellenback for pizza (ugh) and beer and then a going away for a fellow mil spouse that I am gonna try to hit up. Somewhere in there, or after but before I pass out, I want to get on the treadmill. I just had a fleeting thought of getting up early to treadmill.... but if I do that I might as well go to toning zumba and yoga. Ugh. who knows. But I am really liking this drive to work out.

Walking always seems to tone me up which changes how I see myself, for the better. I have a bbq party on Sunday. Week 5 I have to be strict! I am paying for this diet, I need to focus.

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