Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Workout Day No. 2

I got on the treadmill yesterday morning trying for an hour.

Today I tried for half an hour. The music was waning at about 25 mins. So I pushed the speed up to 3.0 in slow increments.

I got there and now I can feel it in my legs and my glutes. Hello nice butt!

Now I gotta keep up with this every day. I have been making it into work by 9am. If I could only just get up and out of bed! I say working 9-5 is good, but with the sun out and it being nice at 5, not to mention being up early, my brain wants to shut down.

And my food gets crazy. I actually need to eat every 2 hours. After dinner its still every 2 hours. Which leads me to cheat. I did have an extra soup since I skipped the last meal for dinner. So it was in my plan. The turtle chex mix not so much. But the 4 pickle spears was an accepted snack.

Hubbs is fished-out. I could eat it every day!

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  1. P.S. My legs are very tired. I can feel "it" going up the stairs.