Saturday, July 30, 2011

I feel and look excellent

Its Saturday morning, early afternoon. Not everyone's ideal exercise day but I got on the treadmill just like during the week and did my half hour of 3.2 speed. I have been noticing a curve to the back of my thighs and definition at the bottom of my bum, separating from my thighs.

But it wasn't until I got off the treadmill and bent in half to take my sneakers off that I realized I liked how my calves and whatever the front part of your leg is called. They have some shape! I can actually see the muscles defined from one another.

I have always had excellent muscle definition, more obvious with less padding. But my single thought was, I like the look of my legs.

I have always hated how the bottom half of my legs looked. Thick as trees, but my ankles always had definition, thanks to my genes. However, I tried to hide them at every turn. I wouldn't go so far as to wear jeans in summer; that's just punishment. But I was happy with what I saw.

Was it the change? Was it anything real or just the fact that I got through a half hour on a Saturday? I don't care. I like being happy looking at myself. Even if it is just for a moment.

spices are my friends and i love them 7/28/11

Spices are my friends and oh how I love them. I have always used spice in cooking but it never occurred to me to add them to my MF shakes. I was looking for the shake cake recipe and saw a pumpkin spice shake recipe on the French Vanilla box. I though, OF COURSE! So I grabbed my cinnamon shaker, since nutmeg is much more expensive, and I have added it to my FV and my Dutch Coco. Delic.

I think I might go out and buy a premade pumpkin spice so I don't have to mix my own. Since I past my 15 pounds, I am now at 224 (a few ounces count!) I might just get a shipment of flavor drops to add to my shakes. It will have to wait until next payday. I don't even remember what I ordered for next months MF. It should be coming soon.

finally hit 15lbs down 7/21/11

finally hit 15 this am. been stuck at 14 for what seemed like forever. good thing in a bad morning. i am happy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy week and its end

DH got some distressing news and so we were, naturally, at each others throats all week.
Friday we had dinner guests and had a great time. One bottle of wine to myself and I had a hang over on Saturday.
Fast-forward to bday party out Saturday night: Absolute and diet, gross, two amaretto sours, and a tall glass of blue moon (possibly 2 maybe 2.5 beers). Good thing dinner was fish on the grill and oven baked zucchini (DH loved it!).
Of course the scale does not lie.
However, I have been getting on the treadmill so much now that it is showing on my legs and bum, but more importantly, I feel edgy if I don't get my exercise in by the morning. I was even temped last week to get on it at night for 2 times that day. Not sure why, just wanted to. It was a great feeling. I beat it down, nevertheless, and relaxed.
Monday morning weigh in, back to my 15lbs down. Phew, I was worried I would have gained. But when I entered in the drinks to my tracker, they weren't as detrimental as I thought they would be. Of course empty cals, but still. Every day? probably have more of a stake.
Ordered my next shipment, pickins are gettin slim here. I ahve plenty of food, I had just wanted to save what I have to try some recipes.
Made a crockpot brisket. I can't get potatoes out of my head, they would be wonderful with this. I wonder if boxed flakes are as bad?

Monday, July 18, 2011

DH doesn't realize he is sabotaging me

I realized this morning that my loving, caring, always-thinking-of-me-first DH is sabotaging me and neither of us realized it. Or maybe we both did but didn't think negative about it...

I say I want my eggs for breakfast. He cooks mine in one pan, his regular eggs in another. As I am commenting on MF threads I hear from the kitchen, "do you want toast with the eggs?" Without even thinking I replied, "I can't eat toast." DH: "just checking."

ugh! I know its because he loved me . I know its because he wants to plan everything out so it won't be cold. I know its easier to ask before, since I am a waffler on toast, just never really been into it, not for years. But what does NO CARBS mean? No toast, no bread, no rolls, no pasta, no wraps, no chips. Stop leaving them out for me to eat when you know I am starving. Pull out the salad stuff- he just doesn't think about it. Good thing I don't like chips anyway.

He will make my eggs and his eggs. Since mine amount to so little he makes more of his (regular yolk and white) and adds it to mine. So sweet! So adding extra cals that I didn't realize was happening! Lucky, I was standing there just before he dished it out. I was too late for the mix, but he explained it to me and I said, "It would be much better for me if it was whites alone. So if you want, you can separate the whites into mine and cook it that way." (FYI He loves cooking breakfast for me, its our oldest tradition. I worked 60 to 75 hours a week, so weekend bkfst was our only time together).

As we talked and ate I noticed a bit of .... juice? at the bottom of my egg bowl, which is never there when I cook it. I forget how I worded it, but the answer was that it was Imperial margarine that he uses to keep the eggs from sticking, which never works when he cooks-most of it goes down the dispose-all; (ugh! I only get 100 cals a pop!). Hm, I replied "could you try the grill spray next time?" (deja vu, we had this convo last weekend, too). "Or try that ICBINB spray we just bought, it can be used as a non-stick, too, says it right on the bottle." I actually walked into the kitchen to check that.

He says of course he will try it. I know its because he loves me. NOW STOP ASKING ME IF I WANT TOAST WITH MY EGGS!

Beating myself up over nothing

I have read and heard of the dramatic weight loss many MF members have had and thought I must be doing it wrong. I must be cheating, not counting, eating the wrong foods, not "working out" enough, the list goes on.

But I just read a thread that reminded me if you follow MF the lost should be a min of 2 lbs. Which IS what I am doing. I was looking at my graphs all wrong. Since I am an every day weigh-er (I know) I have an excellent record. I looked at each week specifically and I have been neting a loss of 2.something pounds every week. I am successful!

Forget this Scarlett Letter "Cheater" crap. I am on track. I feel like I am coming out of the dark and into the light. Thank you Plato, I choose my sun.


!Cheater survives Pampered Chef party!

I am a self-proclaimed cheater. I am working on my flaws and seeing more result with each change to my lifestyle.

I needed some girl-time so I said I would go to a party after work. I had been starving by lunch time so happened to try a cup of salad with only some red wine vinegar sprinkled at lunch and a shake in my office. Another shake in the afternoon, and a bar (#5 meal) on the way to the party since I wouldn't eat dinner until about 9pm.

The meal: chicken, red and green peppers, and onions in a cooker. The app: Guacamole dip (just veggies?). Dessert: chocolate cake with microwaved melted chocolate and caramel icecream topping drizzled over to soak in, topped with chopped nuts and another swizzle coating of the remaining caramel.

The cake was sitting right in front of my seat the whole time.

When it was time to eat I had at most 2 oz of the shredded chicken (2 pcs size of my female watch face), two pepper strips, two strips of onions, and three tbsp worth of guac dip, and one chip holding another tsp of guac dip. That is it! No cake! No tortilla wrap! And only the one chip, of course THEN the forks arrived. ugh. I do have to admit I don't like chocolate cake. But still, it was right in front of me. And that oooy,gooy topping!

I was very impressed with myself and wanted to share my success. Talk about a non-scale victory! I went home to cook a stir-fry with shrimp soaking in lime juice, two tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce, cauliflower, collard greens, curry powder, and a cup of bullion. It was delic! I ate that, made corn and green beans for DH.

I think I did great! The chick next to me killed her diet, but I stuck to mine! Even asked for a plate when they ran out so I could skip my favorite wraps.

Ketosis, I know when

I know I am back into ketosis when I get off the treadmill, head out to work and don't feel tired. I feel exhilarated. I am ready to take on the world. Its a great feeling. Now I just have to remember how good this feels before I break down for the stupid carbs.

Friday, July 15, 2011

13 down

Weighed in this am at 13 pounds down.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

adding to the yuck to get the yum

I was not happy with the cream of broccoli soup. I originally put it in a cup and mixed and then heated, as per instructions. I wanted to vomit. To each our own, I know.

I found it so nasty I wasn't hungry all day, it was a 3/1, ugh!

I was fiending for food after dinner tonight. With one meal left I decided to make dun dun dun!!! Broccoli soup.

I put water into a small pot on the stove. I added a tsp of chix bullion (optional snack), heated the water throughout. Then I added parsley, the CoB soup mix, and slowly starred every time I saw that weird gross foam.

After it was heated through I tasted it. Very, very salty, so I added about another cup of warm tap water to cool it off, lessen the salt, and give me a bit more. Not bad, not bad at all.

After about eating half of it I added a good dash of hot sauce. Much better. So from now on this is my recipe to eat Cream of Broccoli soup.

lost 11lb, passed the 229 mark!!

just an update. i passed the 229 mark. first it was at 228, and then at 226. i know, two is just as likely to go up as down, but i haven't been here in well over 6 months. go me!
I am thinking facial for my 220 mark. not sure what my 230 mark should have been. exercise is my key. walking at 3.0 is getting much easier, not sweating as much. started to jog at 3.5 for 5 minutes in the middle of my 30 min total on the treadmill.

the shock of sweet tea

i am still stuck in the mentality that sweat tea is better than diet soda. but i compared the two today and whoa was i wrong. at 64 oz we are talking a different of almost 400 calories for the st and 1 cal for diet coke. i am so used to my brat diet of tea. but the sugar is the killer! i needed to see it in numbers. good thing i only drink it when we are out to dinner. from now on i am following my friend's example and going to the syrup.
what a shock.

Monday, July 11, 2011

226 over the weekend

Its been a while since I updated this. Not much to speak of.

Over the weekend I was down to 226. This morning, after a heavy and bad dinner, I am up two pounds to 228.

I have been walking for 30 mins at a speed of 3.0. Yesterday I tried a 5 minute jog at 3.5. It was almost too slow for the jog. I tried again today. It was easier to regulate my breathing which was all over the places yesterday.

I bought a few new songs from the Itunes store and those woke me up this am and helped the half hour go much faster this morning.

I took some measurement and added them to the Medifast website. I was temped to take before and after pic but decided not to in case I didn't lose as much as I wanted and became discouraged. Plus there are plenty of waist up pics to compare.

I believe all last week I was at 228 so I pasted the plateau. For me the key is exercise. To be honest, the 226 was probably from lack of water weight. I did not get my 64 oz in.

I need to think of what my 10 pound present is to myself. I decided when I get to 20 pounds it will either be a massage, if I can last out that long, or a facial. I want a mani and pedi but the nail fungus just won't go way. Its not obvious at all, but still, I just wont do it. Apparently it does go away, I am just very susceptible, so says the Doc.

Will be skipping yoga/tai chi/pilates today to get my eyes checked. I am positive I need a new Rx. I am also going to get transition lenses for two of them and maybe a pair of Rx sunglasses. But those have to wait for another payday.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just cant pass 229

Just cant pass 229.
My standing, not eating morning weight is 229 on weekends. It has been for a few weeks (yay). I just can't bust it or keep it during the week. I need to get focused and motivated with exercise to jump thus plateau. I have noticed I eat only two or three MF meals and dinner on weekends. But I just can't get through the work day on two or three, nor am I supposed to.

Exercise is the word. Motivation is the problem. I need to just shell out the dough and buy some songs from the ipod store to listen to.

Why is it when I finally get motivated to exercise hubbs is always sleeping? sheesh lol

Sunday, July 3, 2011

soar throat, motivation to eat

i seem to have caught the cold going around the office. i was wide awake at 530 am with a soar throat. i hoped it was just on account of the smoke from the fireworks the kids were setting off. but wide awake at 530 after going to bed at 1, i dont think so.

shrimp boil at cathy's. delic. ate too much. had two pieces of corn, two potatoes (both no-nos) and plenty of shrimp. i also had chips and dip.

what really killed me was the margarita mix that was in a nice pump ball next to my seat, lol. but i had a great time and was sober the whole time, mixing water with the drink to weaken it, and so i could drive.

i feel sick, that lazy, i don't care feeling. its 315 and i havent even gone to sit outside yet! not a thought about getting on the treadmill, only, good day to watch movies.... yup, the sick is coming on. i took my vitals and a zinc. heres to a fast recovery or no bbq tomorrow.

on the plus side i have no motivation to eat bc i don't want to swallow.