Monday, July 11, 2011

226 over the weekend

Its been a while since I updated this. Not much to speak of.

Over the weekend I was down to 226. This morning, after a heavy and bad dinner, I am up two pounds to 228.

I have been walking for 30 mins at a speed of 3.0. Yesterday I tried a 5 minute jog at 3.5. It was almost too slow for the jog. I tried again today. It was easier to regulate my breathing which was all over the places yesterday.

I bought a few new songs from the Itunes store and those woke me up this am and helped the half hour go much faster this morning.

I took some measurement and added them to the Medifast website. I was temped to take before and after pic but decided not to in case I didn't lose as much as I wanted and became discouraged. Plus there are plenty of waist up pics to compare.

I believe all last week I was at 228 so I pasted the plateau. For me the key is exercise. To be honest, the 226 was probably from lack of water weight. I did not get my 64 oz in.

I need to think of what my 10 pound present is to myself. I decided when I get to 20 pounds it will either be a massage, if I can last out that long, or a facial. I want a mani and pedi but the nail fungus just won't go way. Its not obvious at all, but still, I just wont do it. Apparently it does go away, I am just very susceptible, so says the Doc.

Will be skipping yoga/tai chi/pilates today to get my eyes checked. I am positive I need a new Rx. I am also going to get transition lenses for two of them and maybe a pair of Rx sunglasses. But those have to wait for another payday.

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  1. Knew you could do it!!! Hang in there We're rooting for you & you know we'll give you grishna if you "want" to slack off. M.