Tuesday, July 12, 2011

adding to the yuck to get the yum

I was not happy with the cream of broccoli soup. I originally put it in a cup and mixed and then heated, as per instructions. I wanted to vomit. To each our own, I know.

I found it so nasty I wasn't hungry all day, it was a 3/1, ugh!

I was fiending for food after dinner tonight. With one meal left I decided to make dun dun dun!!! Broccoli soup.

I put water into a small pot on the stove. I added a tsp of chix bullion (optional snack), heated the water throughout. Then I added parsley, the CoB soup mix, and slowly starred every time I saw that weird gross foam.

After it was heated through I tasted it. Very, very salty, so I added about another cup of warm tap water to cool it off, lessen the salt, and give me a bit more. Not bad, not bad at all.

After about eating half of it I added a good dash of hot sauce. Much better. So from now on this is my recipe to eat Cream of Broccoli soup.

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