Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy week and its end

DH got some distressing news and so we were, naturally, at each others throats all week.
Friday we had dinner guests and had a great time. One bottle of wine to myself and I had a hang over on Saturday.
Fast-forward to bday party out Saturday night: Absolute and diet, gross, two amaretto sours, and a tall glass of blue moon (possibly 2 maybe 2.5 beers). Good thing dinner was fish on the grill and oven baked zucchini (DH loved it!).
Of course the scale does not lie.
However, I have been getting on the treadmill so much now that it is showing on my legs and bum, but more importantly, I feel edgy if I don't get my exercise in by the morning. I was even temped last week to get on it at night for 2 times that day. Not sure why, just wanted to. It was a great feeling. I beat it down, nevertheless, and relaxed.
Monday morning weigh in, back to my 15lbs down. Phew, I was worried I would have gained. But when I entered in the drinks to my tracker, they weren't as detrimental as I thought they would be. Of course empty cals, but still. Every day? probably have more of a stake.
Ordered my next shipment, pickins are gettin slim here. I ahve plenty of food, I had just wanted to save what I have to try some recipes.
Made a crockpot brisket. I can't get potatoes out of my head, they would be wonderful with this. I wonder if boxed flakes are as bad?

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