Monday, July 18, 2011

DH doesn't realize he is sabotaging me

I realized this morning that my loving, caring, always-thinking-of-me-first DH is sabotaging me and neither of us realized it. Or maybe we both did but didn't think negative about it...

I say I want my eggs for breakfast. He cooks mine in one pan, his regular eggs in another. As I am commenting on MF threads I hear from the kitchen, "do you want toast with the eggs?" Without even thinking I replied, "I can't eat toast." DH: "just checking."

ugh! I know its because he loved me . I know its because he wants to plan everything out so it won't be cold. I know its easier to ask before, since I am a waffler on toast, just never really been into it, not for years. But what does NO CARBS mean? No toast, no bread, no rolls, no pasta, no wraps, no chips. Stop leaving them out for me to eat when you know I am starving. Pull out the salad stuff- he just doesn't think about it. Good thing I don't like chips anyway.

He will make my eggs and his eggs. Since mine amount to so little he makes more of his (regular yolk and white) and adds it to mine. So sweet! So adding extra cals that I didn't realize was happening! Lucky, I was standing there just before he dished it out. I was too late for the mix, but he explained it to me and I said, "It would be much better for me if it was whites alone. So if you want, you can separate the whites into mine and cook it that way." (FYI He loves cooking breakfast for me, its our oldest tradition. I worked 60 to 75 hours a week, so weekend bkfst was our only time together).

As we talked and ate I noticed a bit of .... juice? at the bottom of my egg bowl, which is never there when I cook it. I forget how I worded it, but the answer was that it was Imperial margarine that he uses to keep the eggs from sticking, which never works when he cooks-most of it goes down the dispose-all; (ugh! I only get 100 cals a pop!). Hm, I replied "could you try the grill spray next time?" (deja vu, we had this convo last weekend, too). "Or try that ICBINB spray we just bought, it can be used as a non-stick, too, says it right on the bottle." I actually walked into the kitchen to check that.

He says of course he will try it. I know its because he loves me. NOW STOP ASKING ME IF I WANT TOAST WITH MY EGGS!

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