Sunday, July 3, 2011

soar throat, motivation to eat

i seem to have caught the cold going around the office. i was wide awake at 530 am with a soar throat. i hoped it was just on account of the smoke from the fireworks the kids were setting off. but wide awake at 530 after going to bed at 1, i dont think so.

shrimp boil at cathy's. delic. ate too much. had two pieces of corn, two potatoes (both no-nos) and plenty of shrimp. i also had chips and dip.

what really killed me was the margarita mix that was in a nice pump ball next to my seat, lol. but i had a great time and was sober the whole time, mixing water with the drink to weaken it, and so i could drive.

i feel sick, that lazy, i don't care feeling. its 315 and i havent even gone to sit outside yet! not a thought about getting on the treadmill, only, good day to watch movies.... yup, the sick is coming on. i took my vitals and a zinc. heres to a fast recovery or no bbq tomorrow.

on the plus side i have no motivation to eat bc i don't want to swallow.

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