Saturday, July 30, 2011

spices are my friends and i love them 7/28/11

Spices are my friends and oh how I love them. I have always used spice in cooking but it never occurred to me to add them to my MF shakes. I was looking for the shake cake recipe and saw a pumpkin spice shake recipe on the French Vanilla box. I though, OF COURSE! So I grabbed my cinnamon shaker, since nutmeg is much more expensive, and I have added it to my FV and my Dutch Coco. Delic.

I think I might go out and buy a premade pumpkin spice so I don't have to mix my own. Since I past my 15 pounds, I am now at 224 (a few ounces count!) I might just get a shipment of flavor drops to add to my shakes. It will have to wait until next payday. I don't even remember what I ordered for next months MF. It should be coming soon.

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