Saturday, August 6, 2011

clothing sizes and what lies beneath

Ok I tried to load my weight ticker. Trial and error. I am now up to minus 17.6 lbs.

after my hair apt at jcp i tried on some dresses. their plus size was way to big (yay). not surprisingly, i don't have the chest for it. the story of my life. so i went down the rack of clearance items and found that jcp apparently does not stock size 18.
i grabbed a few 16s. i know, companies use all different sizes to get people to buy the products. anyway, i found 2 16's dresses that almost fit! so I bought them. they will be my minus 20 lbs present to myself. $70 and $90 for $20 and $30. I think that is a nice gift.
Talk about a non-scale victory!

this was of course before my veg out on pizza. a big no-no. but i did lose weight from yesterday to today in spite of the pizza and no exercise all week. yay me! and a shout-out to my husband for being so supportive....and not asking me if i want toast with my eggs.

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  1. Congratulations! Billy is learning not to sabotage you (although he really didn't mean to. I made a point to remind him not to do that in the future.

    I LOVE the clearance racks at JCP. That is were I get most of my clothes. That or super sale online.