Monday, August 1, 2011

Down and Out

I am now at an even loss of minus 16 pounds. Have been consistently for the past few days.

I talked to a friend and she is going to help me take in some pants and shirts so I can get a bit more shape into them and a bit more wear out of them.

Cook job is starting up again. This may be a very, very hard time for my diet. Working dinner time has always been so hard! And everything there makes me sick or is not allowed on the diet.

After 2 weeks of consistent 3.2 speed on the treadmill I took yesterday off and nearly died this morning when I bumped it up to 3.4. I also just could not get out of bed. This is also my cuddly, soul food craving week so exercise might be out the door. Good thing I already planned meals for the week or it might be all take out. And I do not want to gain just to have to fight to lose it again.

Recipes tried: balsamic chicken, delic; chai hot coco fudge, eh; kale chips, delic; cream of tomato, gross!

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  1. From Mom and Dad- W O W !!! Doesn't it feel great to have to think about taking some clothes "IN". Good job. Keep it up - you'll get there. You have a great supporter - Billy. And then there's us here. Even despite the distance we can praise you, give you advice, or just listen while you rant about cuddly, soul-food craves. You now know what got you to where you were 5 mos. ago. Use this knowlege & your supporters to help you stay on track & on treadmill. Luv ya, MUM.