Wednesday, August 17, 2011

insomnia forcing a day at home

I took an OTC sleeping pill at about 830pm so it would kick in and let me sleep. DH had (today) off so he was up late watching tv. I went to bed about 9pm and did some Sudoku. I woke up well after Dh had come to bed, about 12 midnight and was wide damned awake.

No matter what I did I could not settle back down. Either my body wanted to move or my mind raced, classic insomnia. I moved to the couch and watched tv, didn't help. About 2 am I took an advil pm. I slept on the couch for an hour max. I was up again.

This is getting ridiculous. Since I can't eat cereal, I was searching for something to weigh my tummy down, hoping that would help. Tea, did not help. We had some microwave crap food. I smelled DH's so I made one. It tasted fine, but when it did not help me sleep I was going over and over again how it killed my diet and was a waste of good calories. Which, of course, did not help my insomnia.

I tried to go back to bed and was piping hot so it was back to the great room. Lucky the Science Channel had excellent shows on, all about space and sharks and giant squids. So while I could not focus on anything I was at least not pissed there wasn't anything on to boot.

Tonight, I will use the whole suggest dose, 2 pills. Take it early and hope it knocks me out cold for the night.

I called in today, figuring I might go in later on. Tried to go to sleep and, unsurprisingly, it was impossible. So I started cleaning about 9 am. Its now almost 11 am: I swiffered both bathrooms, the foyer, the kitchen, twice and its still gritty, stupid garage, the great room, and the dinning room. Since DH was still in bed, I polished all the wood in the great room, the dinning room table, the chairs (each piece of all of them) and the china cabinet. I also made breakfast for the next two days and had half my daily water for today. I took out the dining room table runner and shook it outside.

Dh is finally up so I can vacuum the great room, the rest of the hallway, and all the tile to pick up whatever grit it is I feel on my feet, stupid garage and guests wearing shoes. The ottoman might need to be vacuumed.

What else can I get done before noon? I figured I would just stay home, to sleep, and maybe relax and figure out what is keeping me up at night. Probably my stupid cook job, since I hate it. I realized I am pissed bc my group of friends were talking about bowling for free ... ON THE DAY I AM WORKING. Friday and Saturday. UGH! I of course can't be mad at them, but just the fact that I am working Friday and Saturday and they are planning to go out. I can't wait to pay off this stupid loan. The universe needs to align so I can finally use this in and get a different job. Or maybe the day crew needs to work the weekend. Too bad someone just quit, so that's that.

To end on a positive note, the house is clean now! Maybe I will clean the fan in the bedroom. Can't reach the one in the great room. The window blinds need to be cleaned as well. I don't think either he nor I ever wiped them down. I want Mom here to talk to me while I clean them. I suppose I should clean the windows inside and out also. I think I will fit the beach in before dinner. What ARE we having for dinner?

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