Monday, August 29, 2011

other random thoughts

i keep trying to write blogs as i think of stuff and it just doesn't happen. so here is a recap of the ones i can remember:

~made it through 4 hours at the cook job and did not eat anything! couldn't make/eat mf, but didn't eat that food!!! was starving afterward and probably killed the diet, but I made it.
~bought a cake today, half way home i realized i didn't want it at all, i was just hungry and gave in. crazy because i turned from sooooo many desserts - yay!. i had a few tastes and i was done. yay!
~that cake is going to work and i know i won't eat it then, good thing i hate frosting.
~did a great job at the baby shower and ate the guts of the sandwich and tossed the bread, at least most of the time. i tossed it until i started to feel faint. not the best choice, i was probably dehydrated, but just in case, i was not about to land on my face with a bunch of ladies in heals around.
~insomnia has been crazy, almost every night, so i have sworn off diet soda. while it is allowed on this diet and so i started drinking it, the lack of cals and carbs allowed the caffeine to go crazy. so that is now cut off. this way if it keeps going i can try to figure out other reasons for the insomnia.
***I did figure out that if i listen to something, like music, i stop my incessant, pointless thinking. so i put on soundscapes on tv and was able to sleep for an hour or so. staying asleep is the problem.
**might go back to drinking a glass of wine a night. wine is a nono on this diet, but if it helps me sleep, is it really so bad? i will wait to test this out until i have all the caffeine out of my system.
~ i like the beach. we went on sunday and i am thinking maybe i will go every day and swim around a bit for my exercise. i need a water proof watch. think there is one hanging around somewhere. then I will get to work earlier (ha) and get to the beach and home before too late.
~found a perfect soup at my favorite Vietnamese/Chinese place that is cheap and huge as well as not too salty. yum!

I am sure there is more but that is all I can think of right now.

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