Wednesday, August 31, 2011

swimming seemed to help

I went swimming on base in the Sound yesterday after work. Not only was it nice, and empty, but the water was slightly choppy making me work harder. Unfortunately, I kept kicking fish which made my mind wonder to sharks....

After a few laps I sat in the sun to dry off a bit and further relaxed. I brought a book for today.

It took a bit to quiet my mind last night, mental chanting helped and I was out from about 11.30 to 5am. Wide awake at 5. Rolled around trying to sleep only managing it after 7 when I needed to be up. No wine, no sleeping pill, and I still feel crazy groggy today. Must just be lack of sleep.

I am hoping to keep this swimming up. Free, on my way home, get my beach time in, and maybe knock me out too. Its a win-win.

Tonight is hot wing sauce over chicken breast in crockpot. I think I want this over salad, which means shopping after work. Hm, maybe over green beans.

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