Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend 18

I always think of great things to put in this blog and when I finally sit down to write I remember none of them.

I worked the cook job on Thurs so I had the weekend off, which I had to take off. Friday night was nice and relaxing, we just watched a ton of nature shows (penguins, polar bears, etc). DH woke me up on Sat morning and made eggs for breakfast. I was getting ready to go to a baby shower when I realized my makeup was running down my face. Long story short, the fan in the a/c unit died. It was fixed later that day.

Sunday I made it to the beach! Yay. Saturday night was crazy insomnia time. I am bored of this already. So I am cutting out diet soda, even tho it is allowed on this diet. I think the caffeine might be killing me. While I slept wonderfully on Sunday night, I did wake up with a headache. This time I made sure to eat the night before and had no soda. I need to get back to exercising. Or maybe just swimming in the water after work for a bit. Its too bad bathing suits take forever to day. I wont have this problem when I am a skinni mini in a bikini!

I am going to try to shrink my pants/jeans. They are too big and falling off. I have cute undies, but the world does not need to see them unless is my decision, there is no democracy with my clothing. Having said that, I fit into a pair of 18s today!!! I had to confess that I have owned these forever so may not be the original size. But they zipped right up. That weird too-tight belly roll that otherwise does not exist is visible when I sit. Its always the sitting at kills me. But they are on and I am not in pain!!! Go me!

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