Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Everyone knows head fat is the hardest to lose!"

I am over this diet. I have finally hit my lazy point. Not even seeing 217, a total of minus 23 pounds now, is motivating.

I am itching to exercise, to enjoy the nice weather. And am totally not hungry, not eating anything but dinner. If DH wasn't around who knows if I would eat that. Its amazing! Supposedly this is what happens in ketosis, which is what this diet strives for. Except the not eating part, I am still supposed to eat the 5 mini meals and the lean and green dinner. And I am seeing results even though I don't believe I can be in ketosis based on my eating habits. Yes I still go off plan, but if I am not consuming the plan meal for carbs, maybe the ones I am taking in even it all out. This seems to happen every once in a while so I will ride it out until I want to eat every 2 hours again.

I failed at the cook job. I ate cheese fries for breakfast. Had the fries not been sitting there I wouldn't have eaten them, in that I didn't make it, it was left over and sitting there, as I just said. I don't know why I don't just eat the cheese with a spoon. I don't want the fries or tortilla chips. I just want the cheese, might as well save myself unneeded calories and spoon that baby. Of course then I wouldn't want it because cheese alone is easy to get cheesed-out. So its a win-win! I did eat a MF bar I brought also. And that was it. 8 hours, not bad over all. And I did drink water, possibly my entire day’s worth. How did this day be such a good diet day? It was empty almost no one. I could have made breakfast of eggs and had totally planned on it. But after making a few that were ordered, it did not look appetizing to me. And that's when the cheese struck. Actually I ate one piece of hashbrowns on my way to toss them, just one! And it was way salty, bleh!

I almost wonder if had it been chaos what my motivation to eat would have been. Would I have felt rushed and so made something unhealthy but easy to down fast before someone else comes in? Would I have burned so many calories sweating and running around that I would need to eat? I can tell you this; I still want to throw up at the smell of meat cooking.

I got a new shipment of food in, picked a few new foods to try. My MF friend has dropped a ton of weight. She is very strict with foods and condiments, stays at home with her kid and has motivation. Apparently her DH is also losing weight, possibly job related. Studies show that weight loss is both contagious and needed for success.

We watched a Lakota on his journey to lose weight, PBS. He failed because he ultimately went back to his old eating and exercise habits, such a shame. But none of his family was with him. Not outwardly against him, but not trying to make the change as well. His sister said she was totally fine with letting the kids each sugary crap and drinking soda all day. Is it a culture thing or the fact that she gets food stamps and so doesn’t have to worry about how much that costs? I don't think its a Native American trait so much as general human laziness. My parents didn't allow that, for whatever reason, and so now I don't want it. It simply was not common and so is not in my way now. That is not to say prior to this diet I didn’t buy whatever I wanted. But it wasn’t part of my singular culture, simply the general one in which I lived. Will those kids grow up to be disgustingly overweight as their father and uncle, well over 300 lbs,? Probably. Hopefully they will find healthier paths just as many from every other genetic pool and culture area able to. No matter what, if allowed, it must be in human nature to take in as much as possible for the days or months, way back when, that had no food. Our lifestyle change has happened to quickly for our genes to adapt and so we have to change our lifestyles. The guy kept mentioning prairie buffalo people, but he never mentioned the fact that they were always moving and that’s why they weren’t piling on the pounds. No matter what you eat, assuming your body is not starved for the vital nutrients, it will gladly get rid of extra crap you put in it, as long as its on the move.

Which brings me back to exercise. It was nice when I had a gym buddy-need to cancel that membership on Monday! Maybe I can get DH to help motivate me to motivate him to go out walking with me. I have a fast walk so that helps too. Swimming burns far more calories but ever since I sliced my hand open, which has not finished healing yet, by the way, (only a week) I have been hesitant to go back. Even if I just go out deep enough to tread water. I know I won't last more than 30 seconds out of boredom, much less 30 minutes. But I did feel better after work when I swam. Maybe if I keep getting up early I get can out of work early and when we can eat dinner early and the night doesn't feel rushed and wasted.

The whole point of recounting the Lakota story was that he loved eating tongue. It happened to be buffalo tongue. But that got me thinking; maybe I would like it as well. From the edited show it looked like he just boiled it from frozen and then cut slices off. The kids ate it like nothing. Maybe I will look up some recipes for tips on how to do it-I can get cow tongue at the commissary! I have also been debating trying liver and onions, cooked by someone else. I hated the smell as a child, and might still as an adult. But there is mom and pop restaurant that makes liver and onions every Wednesday. I think maybe this Wed I will go out to lunch and try it! If I don't like it I am out that money but at least I will know I don't like how they cooked it. Maybe I will like blood sausage. Never know!

In conclusion, I weigh less. My measurements say I have lost a quarter of an inch in my arms, a bit in my chest, and a whopping 2 in in my legs which is probably muscle loss from not exercising. DH measured a 1 in loss in my chest, needed help to get it straight. Waist and hips are inches larger. Could be from the cabbage I had for dinner or the lack of exercise. Or the fact that I didn't suck-in. I really need to write down whether I am going to suck-in or not. Makes a difference to the body types in my family, since internal organs like to poke out and mysteriously disappear when we lay down-thank you Uncle Ted for volunteering that info when I brought it up and thought I was crazy. Ah, the Buddha Belly. The scale says I lost so I am sure its there. Or not there as the case is. Maybe its head fat! I am thinking of the Drew Carey episode where he uses the pizza boy to show his weight loss. "Everyone knows head fat is the hardest to lose!" - Kate, The Drew Carey Show. I will go with whichever is the more positive: the scale wins!

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