Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swim day 2: injury by food

Day two of swimming almost drowned me. Small little waves don't look so intimidating when you are standing up, but when swimming and you realize those small waves are actually crashing *over* your head and breathing in the troughs doesn't help, its a wee bit different.

So I sat up on my knees, yay three feet of water. And continued on swimming away from the bank, into the current until I sliced my hand open. The current had pushed me closer to shore than I generally wanted but I did not see anything in the usually amazingly clear water. I tried to keep going but the salt was just too much for this inch long paper cut.

I will admit, kicking fish while swimming is one thing, odd-feeling to say the least, but bleeding and getting eaten by a bait fish is not how I want to go down.

I gave up and decided to walk laps along the beach in a few inches of water for resistance. Upon reaching the devil side of the beach, which was full of shell fragments in comparison to the rest of it, I decide to take a look at some. Lo and behold! What looked like concreted silt stone had various mollusk shells attached. My damned food bit me!

With that thought ringing in my head over and over I couldn't help but laugh. It made perfect sense that they would be there, given the current and the close proximity of the dock for the boats, that I wouldn't see them, and that an open shell would have caused my small but painful gash. As I walked a lap headed towards a fishing pier I thought about how often I just sit and stare at the growth on the pilings. Makes perfect sense, can't deny that.

15 mins of swim, 15 more of walking. Not bad on the whole. I also left the car at the changing rooms so I had a nice five minute walk there and back.

I would like to add that I slept wonderfully again tonight. But I also woke up with a dull headache. Perhaps I am dehydrated. I pushed that thought away until I realized swimming in saltwater may actually exacerbate the problem. Who knows. I am just glad its not coming at me at night. But boy is my back soar! I hope its developing muscles I haven't used in decades and not something else.

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  1. Swimming -- walking -- more walking !!! What better exrcise. Really no stress felt save for the burning muscles which means you 've used them since God-knows when?!!. Hurray for you - key to losing - the right diet plan for YOU coupled with exercise & extra bonus - sleeping thru the night or at least 5 hrs. Keep up the good work; you are trying; you're persistent & it's apparent you want to succeed. Keep at it - we'll keep rooting for you, give you a boost when you need it & a boot in the butt when you need it. M.