Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Xmas and Disney

Xmas was filled with veggies and exercise. For whatever reason I am always in the exercise mode at Mom and Dad's. I think its because the weather is so much nicer. Maybe its because I don't have to work while there so I can focus on the things I want to do. That may be the case at home, only that I do work and that's where it ends.

No gain, yay!

Disney. I accepted the fact that I would probably be off plan the whole time. As it turns out I actually found myself eating my MF food that I had brought along and did not want to eat the food available for purchase. The Biergarten German food was good, I did have no-no beer, cream soup, and plenty more that I can't remember but wouldn't otherwise eat. Not bad, but I have had better. I would say the same for the Marrakesh, good but I have been blessed to have had better. To be fair to both, they have to walk the middle line so that people from all over the world can eat it.

As it turned out, all the walking we did helped to burn off the calories I consumed. 2 pound gain, which was gone as soon as we got home and started eating our usual food. Saying no was much easier than I thought it would be. Actually there was no NO at all, it just wasn't appealing. I had the beer at the Biergarten because, well, its German beer. I am not saying I didn't go off plan, clearly I did, but there were no deserts, no bread, minimal rice and pasta if I could get away with it. Most definitely NOT enough veggies. But we were on a budget. "Next time" we will spend our money on the expensive restuarants in hopes of healthier meals. On the other hand, we may have kitchenette next time and so can make our own food. Next time.

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