Sunday, March 11, 2012

A three month recap

I have been very lax in this blog, debating whether or not I want this kind of stuff published for the world to see. I started because it was much easier than calling everyone with every thought that popped into my head. This way they could check it at their leisure and comment if they wanted to. But then after being lazy and simply not updating, I was thinking of trying to clean the internet of random stuff about me as I could. I am still going back and forth but I am having success, so maybe its not a bad legacy to leave. And there must be some way to delete these, right?

Three months have gone by since the return from Disney. I am currently at a loss of 53 pounds. I have been holding steady around 50 for the past few months, a few up a few down. The reason being no exercise, random beer, and carbs, as well as not eating all five of my MF meals while at work. I have been making some carbs to get rid of them once and forever. So am I surprised, no. DH has eaten most of the pasta so that is not a problem. It is also because I am no longer weighing and/or measuring my food.

My cheapo scale broke but served me well. I have yet to get another scale. It would make things so much easier. I am really not worried about veggies, its the protein that needs to be kept in check. Have you seen the size of a chicken breast lately!? I generally just cut a cooked one in half, but I really need to weigh it to make sure I am not jipping myself as in the early days with the fish, or overeating when I really don't want that much but think, protein is good right? Its good when I need it, but if I am not working out, I don't need that kind of energy.

I actually did get on the treadmill the other day. I had taken DH to the airport for a TDY and had a million errands to run. I was on the phone with Mom and then it was passed to Dad and he simply asked something to the effect of, why aren't you exercising anymore? I hadn't showered yet, so why not? I got ready with him on speakerphone and then walked a nice slow mile at 20 minutes. Didn't even break a sweat. So maybe I don't have to worry about the millions of showers a day that comes with working out.

I have been meaning to get on the treadmill in the AM before work but just haven't done it. Who wants to actually get out of bed in the morning? I haven't because it would make me late to work, which is flexible. Maybe I should just try and then work at getting up earlier.

I haven't gotten on the treadmill since Thursday. Friday night was kind of in limbo, I made soup, ate late, and spent way too long on facebook playing games and talking with DH. Saturday I actually got out, went to Archaeology Day in Niceville (ugh, the drive!), and then out to dinner and a movie with some friends. That brings us to today. It overcast and not very warm outside. I had hoped to read all day long. But coffee sat forever and I didn't want to eat anything at all. I was up much earlier than I had hoped, lost an hour with daylight savings so I went around fixing clocks. Then sat on the internet, read through all the newspaper that has been building up, put my collection of microbrew beer bottles and other recyclables in the garage, pulled in the clothes basket, separated some clothes, bleached the kitchen sink rubber pads, made 4 MF cookies, and forced myself to drink the coffee and eat 2 cookies and a brownie. Then I removed my myspace page since I haven't used it in years, posted the Xmas and Disney post after a while of debate and then debated writing this one. But hey, 53 pounds and really that was a lot accomplished!

Oh, I am down to a size 16 from a 24, depending on the brand. I fell in love with a pair of jeans marked 14 at Old Navy. It could have said 22 and the light still shone and the angels sang, it was that perfect. I would have counted quarters to buy them. But I switched out the pair I tried for a short/regular and not a long, purchased it and went home. It was not do-able, should have tried it on at the store. So I took it back and spent the return money on a bunch of t-shirts, the shirts have since gotten lost in the house somewhere between the bedroom where I took off all the tags and the garage where the washer is. Oh well. I can fit into some of my older shirts (yay!), have been able to button up the short sleeves (yay!!!!!!) and found 4 pair of size 16's from Target that I now fit into. I found these AFTER I took the tags off the newer size 16. Figures. But on the other hand these are loose fit and look a bit dumpy (yayayayyayayay!).

While its a great feeling to buy new clothes, its a bit disheartening because our money is just getting zapped away. So I have been holding out, the plan was to buy a new shirt every week. After my initial OMG I can buy clothes at any store now, I am not as excited about all the clothes I saw. Thank goodness for being money conscious. Not to mention, I can't buy this MF food if I have shirts I will never wear.

I recently had a conversation about being able to transition off the diet and, while I haven't gained much at all I wasn't really strict on it, so I think I will do just fine. I just need to make smaller meals of limited protein, carb, and veggies. I also had a convo about having the gastric surgery and realized I passed the point of no return. I don't think, at my current health, I could ever get that surgery. It would have been free, totally taken care of. I would just have to pay for the plastic surgery where the skin didn't go back. Right now my skin is doing pretty well and its the first time in years that I am at this weight and size. I know the sizes of clothes have gone up while the printed size has gone down, so maybe I am an 18 or 20 really-I haven't measured myself in forever, and can't now that I have eaten. But the point is, I have made a lifestyle change and am seeing and loving the results.

So here is to losing more during this TDY and not getting take-out like during the deployment (although I gained no weight, I was going to the gym for classes 3 times a week, I think). And Mom called me to say if I wanted to go off plan to just call her and she would verbally kick my butt. Which is what I need. While DH can say, why not, justifying what I want (and I love him for it!), he runs 10 miles a day and so can eat and drink what he wants. Its after 2pm, time to get on the treadmill to warm up because I am now too lazy to walk down the hall and turn the heat on. I think the universe may be aligning for me or I just need to align it to my new lifestyle.

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  1. Glad you wrote. Happy to hear you feel like exercising while here, And you did very well at Disney, considering. Proud of you - keep it up! How's it going day 3? -Mom and Dad