Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Treadmill times

This daylight savings is killing me. I decided to try to get up and get on the treadmill for 30 mins at 2.0 or 2.5 speed. For one, 30 minutes is much longer than 10 more than 20 minutes. It is way too many boring, annoying commercials. Its in-between TV-shows. Its how many more minutes is this going to be? Its why is all this Mexican/Hispanic music so slow right now but perfect when I am washing dishes?

I love that I can sit outside after work and read and enjoy the sun that is finally here! I thought that gray, overcast weather would never leave. It really drained me. I had to put the car in this am (love that shop!) and they drove me home (shocked! love them!) and then picked me up when it was ready. One of the window motors had died and the window was almost halfway down. The shop got the car done for me even though the guts of four other cars were around the place. Maybe it was a nice break for them. Either way I got the chance to enjoy the sun while I waited and read through a few magazines (yay 2010). I felt completely rejuvenated and when I got to work I felt on target and ready, even though I would have to leave 2 hours later to beat the rush hour traffic.

I got on the treadmill Sunday, think I skipped Monday because I ran out of nighttime, did 30 last night and got up and did 30 this am before my shower. I think that's pretty good. But it was so hard to get up! I am sick of my beloved NPR and am trying to switch over to my Ipod to wake me up. Apparently I had a 15 minute delay on so it never went off, good thing I had NRP to a back me up. So I took off the delay and we will see for tomorrow. Good thing is I don't get up a sweat with only walking 30 mins so no serious showering is necessary. That should save some time. Although today I debated not and getting to work earlier so I could leave sooner and get more sun time. Maybe I'll go to the beach or Cathy's pool, or both, this weekend if its sunny. Then again, I am pink from my solar bathing today, just below the elbow and knees, lovely.

I am kind of tired now, 7:20 pm, still haven't eaten yet. Actually I ate only 1 MF meal, not the 5 I am supposed to. So maybe I will make a few MF cookies. (But milk is NOT on-plan, aaaaahhhhh!). I need to check out almond milk for carbs and cals, or any other non-lactose. I actually really enjoy them, even the (natural) non-flavored ones.

Here's to getting up tomorrow!


  1. G o o d g o i n g !!! Hey - you're almost caught up on your Smith's - where do you store all of them (the issues to BE read)?

  2. Hey - you're doing great. Hang in there - you sound like you know exercising & diet are the key to losing & you sound determined to keep at it. Try looking at that 30 like " Yay, I did 10 more than 20 - I can get used to this just like I got used to 10 more than 10 ! ! !"

  3. That's a great idea. Perspective is really the key. Thanks for the comment!