Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wanting fast food

It must be almost time because I am dying for McDonalds. At first it was the burger. My holdout is always chicken nuggets. Probably because I am a diehard for Burger King burgers, hands down better. But I love McD's fries.

I was talking with DH while making the last of my Thai beef salad and I said my craving outloud. Which garnished a definite no you don't. Don't eat that. Lucky I can walk to the nearest Mc. Which makes me think its hunger and laziness less the craving. To be fair, I only at 3 meals today.

Milk started it all. I was making my salad, which is now totally gone and prompting me to go shopping, next to a box of no bake Jello cheesecake. I need milk to make it and get it out of the house. The idea was to make it before DH left so that he could eat most of it. But we ran out of milk and I forgot to buy it the day he left. So from milk my thoughts moved to the nearby dollar store where I am sure I can get milk for an exorbitant price and then from there to the McD visible across the street. Say nothing for the nearby Waffle House, nothing because my IBS tends to hike afterwards, so we stay away until extreme drinking nights. A total of once. I heard their pork chops are to die for, but then pork is not my IBS-friendly either.

So I ate the salad and then got up and tried to make an Asian style soup with MF cream of chicken soup and MF southwest style eggs. Instead of the egg drop soup style in my head I got a nicely flavored quiche. My first, actually. And it didn't fall. I forgot they make the eggs so they are fluffy. I did have a fleeting thought before I mixed it together to boil the water first to get the egg drop, but was lazy and mixed and microwaved.

Now I am full, satiated, but still can't get McDs out of my head. Even though I am probably eating dinner out tomorrow night with some friends. Ugh! I am watching my buddy, Andrew Zimmern, in Thailand. I have seen this one and can't get enough of Thai food. So now I want tom yum soup and McDonalds. But I am not willing to drive to get the soup.

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