Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 lb down, Week 3 Day 1, Take 2

Yesterday was a pretty good Monday. My boss took me out for my birthday, we just could not get on the same schedule until now. I ate a Kobe hamburger with blue cheese utilizing a fork and knife. I am weird about getting food in my teeth anyway, I smile too much, so the food, if stuck, is obvious. I skipped the bun but did indulge in the garlic fries. I think he was surprised I did not want desert, since it was my bday. But I was full after a meal so early in the day, as my non-MF meal is usually around dinner time. It was a really nice time. I will definitely be back there, the menu was expansive and there were some good options. Of course, its a brew house, so it will have to be on my running days.

After work I went to Yoga, got a good work out and found out one complex move that I can do with ease. I think its due to my stretching for running, as it's a similar form as one I use. My Yogi was extremely impressed with my form, I just needed to arch my back more. She even came to talk to me after class about how impressed she was. I was not paying attention to the rest of the class, so maybe they couldn't do it. Some day I will get to the Peacock pose. Someday. 

I did give up Zumba. Zumba days are now my running days. I am a bit sad. Very much so. But my knees are not hurting, still, yay! and so I will continue to wait.

Post Yoga I went to a friends for some hot tub time and a few drinks. It was so relaxing and fun. I think that might also have been my first time drinking Crown Royal. So I saved all the beer and wine calories and carbs. But I actually did not get to eat after lunch, so I missed another two or three meals. I was actually fine, lunch really filled me up.

We both were yawning but I didn't realize it was 3 am! I went home shortly after even though she prepared a bed for me, next time. We agreed to go to lunch and get our shopping trip in since it was postponed when I was sick after Thanksgiving.

The next morning, with very little sleep on my day off, I felt very skinny. I even tried on my favorite blue dress. I have posted about it, probably a year ago. It was very promising. Not sure if there is enough room to sit down, since my belly is the biggest part of me. So that went back into the closet and I decided I felt great and hopped on the scale. Minus 3 pounds!!!!!!! Holy Cow! I need to do some hot tub time more often!!!

I wanted to get on the treadmill before we did lunch but I was dragging and listlessly walking, exhausted. So I jumped in the shower and headed out.

We tried a new Mexican restaurant. Minus the rice and "fried" beans, which I thought were good but left most of, the chicken was all white meat. I was impressed and would go back. I saw no oil slick, and the portion size was well worth the minimal price. I didn't feel gross, as I have at my recent fave restaurant. However, my friend was unimpressed, the one in the gas station closer to her had much more flavor. Oh well.
A few hours at the mall followed by a short and disconcerting trip to Walmart-not only no sushi (there is a restaurant in the same parking lot), but a horrible selection of woman's and girl's clothing- which led across the street to Stein Mart. I might have tried on half the store but left empty handed. One dress was just a bit off, too bad! I looked like a million bucks in it! Even took pictures, that's how hot I am now. It was a good day. I almost bought two camis/tanks with large, fancy lace sections on front. I really liked them, but they were meant to be exposed a bit more than I am comfortable with  my rolls and the fabric was very thin. I might go back for those. A shirt I tried on three times and decided I did not like it and a second one, long sleeved, I loved but decided not to get it. I just was not in a buying mood. But glad I went for the wow factor dress.

I got on the treadmill immediately after I came home. Take 2, my body is better at running, my breath was jagged but found a pace. Unfortunately, I got a cramp in my right side somewhere around the first 3 minute run. The walk helped it but I struggled with that the whole way through. However, I over ran the first run, and both three minutes were not bad at all.

Dinner was a big salad followed by *whispered* store brand spaghetti o's a few hours later. I was just too exhausted to make something else and far hungrier, or thirstier, than I thought.

Let's hope I can keep off the 3 lbs! What a pleasant surprise. Oh, and I almost forgot, one pair of jeans is far too large and baggy to wear anymore! Score!

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