Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kickin' it up a notch: On to Week 3 Couch2 5K

I finished Day 3 of Week 2, Take 2, Again for the Couch2 5k and I think I am ready to start Week 3. Mentally, I am not really there yet, still bored between minute 15 and 17. But I felt like my body could have run for slightly longer periods of time. I had accidentally added 30 seconds twice because I was so into my jams.  Actually, my body was really jonesing to get moving. It was as if I couldn’t contain it. Such a great feeling!

I need to get my arms really swinging to help with the motions. Really pumping to help my stride. Maybe it’s the limitations of the treadmill. I also laced up my shoes utilizing each hole, even the far top back one. I think the shoes felt better, more secure.  If only the shoe laces were a bit longer.

I really did not sweat this time. So, I think it is time to try kicking it up a notch. My left knee felt loose today, while the right one felt rather tight. So instead of one set of leg lifts to help strengthen my inner thighs, I did two each and then an extra one on my left side.  I am trying to work up to it. And incorporate it into my run routine, which today took 2 hours: stretch before, 30-40 mins on, stretch after. I may have calculated that wrong, will have to check it out later on and actually write it down to be sure. 

I have to admit I did have one fan on today. I originally started out with the ceiling fan and a stand fan to help cool me off. But two months ago it was still summer heat. Somewhere in between I figured the wind doesn’t always blow so I might as well practice in the heat of the moment.  Before I started this whole situation, I had visions of me training with a camelback on. I think I will save that for when 5ks become boring and I need to train harder. Fingers crossed!
While I think it is ultimately the yoga, running and the associated stretching are really helping my posture. 

If I change my run schedule from M, W, F, something like that, it throws the gym off. I am planning on skipping my beloved Zumba for now because of the twisting on my knees. So if I run on Tuesday instead, and not do Zumba at 6pm, right after work, the next thing is Yogalates at 7. So I might get to eat dinner early and have it out of my belly by the time I get home and run at 830/9pm. I really don’t want to run that late as it does keep me up at night, but I want to get as much gym time as possible. Paying for it, right? I still need to jump on those machines and get my classes in.

Of course, I am trying to figure this out with a holiday in the middle of the week. So maybe it won’t be so hard, for now. I was actually thinking of adding some walking in on the days I am not running, as extra exercise. Depending on the type of yoga, I do end up soaked. It is definitely not all relaxation and meditation. But I don’t know how many cals I am actually burning. My diet website only has hatha yoga and says 1 hour for me is 320 calories.  For how much I can sweat and work at it, there has to be more gain than being able to contemplate joining Cirque du Soleil.

So maybe since I am usually sweaty after, I can jump on the treadmill  for a run and then into the shower. Then tackle dinner. But really, I am so exhausted and lazy by then I will probably end up skipping dinner and be starved the following day. Unless I had the day off, in which case I would have ran earlier, anyway. 

I think I am seeing lots of slow cooker meals in my future.

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