Saturday, December 1, 2012

Droppin' Lbs's like its HOT

180.2 Woohoo. And that was after lunch out with the girls yesterday. I know, I know. It might jump up tomorrow, or even after I eat breakfast and have my coffee. But I just had a feeling, a skinny feeling.

After lunch yesterday, a friend and I went shopping. I had about 5 places on my list to hit and we made it to one and an extra because it was right next door. I need some new button down business casual shirts and at least one pair of jeans because one pair I own is just huge one me. Belt and all. The others are also showing signs of serious bagginess.

We went to Old Navy first. I have shopped there for years, even at my more healthy weights, because they were cut for rounder girls. I didn't have the rounds in all the place, but it was more affordable than other stores. I was on a serious budget with students loans and all the rest, you have to remember. So I grabbed two pairs of each style of jeans: a 16, which is probably what I am, but who knows since my other jeans are a different brand, and a 14, because hope against hope, I might fit in one and find the angels singing, lights flashing, music twinkling moment when I find the perfect pair, like I did when I first PCSed here.

Let me tell that story just in case it never made it to the blog. I had packed clothes to drive in, mostly workout shirts repurposed from older t-shirts, maybe something slightly nicer for dinner, and workout shorts or yoga pants. Welcome to the new base. We are invited out. I have no pants, save for my one pair of jeans not packed by the movers, which were to be comfy for driving or dinner. I was told there are no malls here. You have to go to the Strip. Not a chance. As it turns out there are plenty of malls, and relatively close by, just not as close as we were used to. Welcome to suburban sprawl, post strip mall eyesores. Good luck finding a strip mall. So I go and try on these new skinny jeans. Eh, and then one, a size 14 -WHAT? has the lights changing, the birds chirping, angels singing, the whole nine yards. Dude! But there was something on them. So I put them back and grab another off the shelf and head to the check out. Luckily, I bought others because when I got home, lets just say, every curve of areas that should not be seen, were. These were not the same size, cut, or shape as the ones I tried on. I was so crestfallen.

The backup was my size 16 capris. I was so excited to have capris again. I am very particular with my style, unless someone gives me hand me downs, because then I don't have to pay for them. I had one pair back in the skinny, healthy days... healthy, I was never skinny, but I like saying it...that I just did not like when I bought them, maybe they were a present. The color was strange, kind of acid washed. But man, did they fit me in exactly the right way. I grew to love them and hated the day I gave them away to be loved by someone else. These new ones were a good fit, just looked like regular jeans, compared to my fave pair which were, as I said, multi colored, and textured in some spots. Not just the color but the fabric bunched. And those had some serious fabric, not like some I am buying now... I need to move up in the world and go to a mall.

Shortly after the party and invites, I started noticing those newly bought capris just were not fitting, they hung a bit. I even tried to shrink them to no avail. So I belted them and dealt with the sag in the back instead of the dreaded too small crotch of the 14s. Plus, I had shorts, most of my jean shorts were stand up only. You know, they look great and fit when you stand up, but if you sit, forgedaboudit. This works with shirts, too. I am notorious (to myself) for putting something on, checking the mirror, great, and going out only to sit with friends or at work and have random button popping or spillage. You must check the yoga chair pose, or sit in an actual chair.

Back to present time. None of the 16s fit. Two of the 14 did not fit, too big. In stead of, what 5 styles, I came out with two 14s. With jeans you have to do the chair pose, because it can pucker in the back. These still did, they weren't amazing, but they fit in the right areas, it was nothing belt could not help.

Now, family and friends pay attention here. Actually, this is just for Mom and Karen, my sister. For once in my life my thighs are not the issue, its the belly bulge. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For most of my life, my muscular thighs made jeans of any style impossible. Think of sitting, walking, bending over. I would squeeze into them and probably looked like I had an impairment walking. They fit the bum, the belly, or more like under it, perfectly. More recently, I had more leg room because I was buying to fit my belly.

The Couch2 5K has paid off, which is what my friend said while shopping after she saw me go in with 10 pairs and come out with one. The legs are seeing the most change because I am targeting them, the rest is harder to mobilize. I also know that I pull a killer plank, with yoga twice a week, my core is solid which helps to make it look and be larger with a nice thick slab of fat over it. If only I were a brisket... Matter of fact my core always was wicked. My high school friends were wowed that they could stand full weight, both feet on my stomach and not fall or squash me. I was not surrounded by skinnys, this is a new norm. I might actually have a picture of that somewhere...

So I am describing my plight to my friend, who is boyfriend shaped, and we are commiserating in the clearance section. And then she tells me to try maternity clothes. She was prepared for me to be shocked, but I have bought maternity dresses and shirts before, although I did not realize it until I had them home and tried to figure out the size. Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it! So she is explaining it to me and I am sure I looked incredulous, thinking my belly will be full hanging out. So I tried on one. They only had a bunch of size 12s. Fine, I'll try it. But at a 12, we shall see (keep in mind two pair of 14s already did not fit). WOW. Perfect. They covered where I needed it and then the stretchy fabric covered my belly and made sure the pants did not pucker exposing my undies. As I looked to see what it would like if it were exposed, I realized it would look just like if I had a cami or tank under my shirt. Score. Double score because the fabric went over my belly to act exactly as a cami or tank. I bought them!

After purchase we headed next door to Ross to check out the maternity pants. Apparently that Ross is quite a bit cheaper than the one by her house. The maternity pants did not cut it. Bulge in the wrong areas. One pair of jeans, maybe, but the pockets were almost on my side hips, probably for a much larger bum. MY BUM IS SMALLER NOW, YAY! Hey, I will take encouragement where I can get it, I have no qualms about comparing myself to a pregnant chick. You should have seen some of my skinny friends prego, they stayed skinny. We even found some dress pants, but the cut was just too small for me, again, down there, ugh. Oh well. I will just bide my time and fit into my Express 12s I bought decades ago thinking I would lose weight to fit them. Well, cross your fingers, I am on the fast track now.

I ended up buying a rather ugly shirt, but it was only $6 and good for a club or nice bar (ruined=throw it away with no guilt! If it survives the washer it will be a miracle). And a SIZE TWELVE, you heard it right, a size 12 Calvin Klein dress, 1950 style. 12. TWELVE. My new shopping buddy found it. Or maybe I did. But she grabbed it and put it at my hips and said, yup, it will fit, go try it on. I did to prove her wrong, but we were having fun flying in and out of the dressing room. Let's say first off, it was not going on. Full unzip, over the head, and rolling the fabric down. In dresses, if it zips over the belly the hardest part for me is the back. Not because I can't reach but I apparently have quite a bit of upper back fat that never seem to migrate to my breast in the front.  Maybe its a new evolutionary trait. Well, this dress zipped up. It was tight, didn't want to. But man did it fit.

I go out to show my friend and I can see out of the very corner of my peripheral vision the guys waiting for wives lose their jaws. As I am talking to my friend and we are debating the finer points of the dress fit, I am also listening to the guys chatter a whispered commentary. They were disagreeing with me that it was too small, too tight at the bum, my belly shows... It was amazing. Who needs gay friends when you can over hear a secret conversation of members of othe oppoiste sex saying you look great in terms that are completely respectable? The fact that these guys were debating it with each other almost made me bust out laughing. I saw noticeable smiles when I decided I would take it and promptly walked back into the dressing room. Of course, a gay friend would not have let me walk out with that hideous $6 monstrosity. And he would say, listen to the chatter, girl! Can't get more real that than! -And yes, you, I am channeling you. You know who you are.

Now it was tight, too tight for me. But some girdles, which I own, will whip those Jello hips into shape. I couldn't breath very well, but the belt buckled and my belly was actually not the problem. It was this stupid backfat. I had to buy it. It was only $40. Even if I just try it on at home, like The Blue Dress I posted about before. Shopper friend said its the perfect dress to take pictures in. One every week to show my progression. Now I just need to buy some shoes!

As I was walking to the cashier, I found another dress like mine for half the price. I picked it up, said friend held it, and they were similar, one had a bit of a collar, definitely a knockoff, if that is possible given the classic look of the dress. But it was my friend who said, oh feel the difference in fabric, and then put it to my hips and promptly said, No Way.  I like my find. Quality clothing with no, or minor (I didn't see any), blemishes, for an affordable price, score.  And a size 12! What?!

Results: three (3) new pair of pants and 1 dress. I might take some of the pants back. I really only need one. But I will wash all my jeans, which are now in laundry, and try them all on and see if any need to go. That will justify the jeans. Actually, I had a coupon in my email, so I saved $20. That was almost the price of the cheapest pair of jeans. 

Now, lets move on to this exercise plan. Today is my last day to run Week 3, Take 2. I am not ready to move on. I am still struggling with the time, my breathing, and it's just not easy yet. I have to accept the fact that I may miss my goal runs. Oh well, they will be here next year. Or I can travel to it if I am not here. I just want to make sure its easier, a breeze before I add to it. No point in pushing because I lack the motivation as it is. I am seeing results, I don't want to stop while I am on a roll.

I was starting to wonder how to run a 5K when the training is only 30 minutes. I think the point is to bring you up to par and then you work on the distance and speed once you can "run" straight through. We already addressed how my run is a friends fast walk. 

So next week will be Week 3 Take 3. Good thing the Arabic numbering system goes on ad infinitum. Maybe I will be ready to run my first 5K in the heat of the desert summer instead of cool of winter. Talk about skinny then!!

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