Monday, December 3, 2012

Measurements and MF TSFL support

Week 3 Take 2 finished today, in Take 3. But oh well. It was slightly easier. I really need to walk on the treadmill on off days to stay on schedule. This weekend pushed off Day 3 because I was hanging out with friends. Yay! I really tried to get it in yesterday but dinner was rushed and I was exhausted when I got home at 8 pm. I did, however, hang out in my workout gear all day trying to get to that end of the house.

Today was slightly easier, like 0.01. Still in my head, my body was a bit better with the run. My breathing is shallow but more even.

Someone I know here and through a facebook page posted looking for TSFL support. Knowing that that means my MF diet I private messaged her to say I am also on it. She asked if we could communicate and meet up to form a support network. I was touched and so much more motivated now that I am a sort of mentor. I offered with one woman stationed overseas, but she was lax in returning my emails even though she was the one to request. That is how it goes.

Back to this new chick, she has a coach but has not tapped into the resources available so I will try to mention that slowly in case she is interested. My sister did the diet plan and also had no idea, which is such a same. I found so much support through their various channels, and even made some friends across the country and around the world. Chat room, blog for only MF members, areas to log meals, calories, measurements, scale readings, graphs and reports for easy tracking, a profile to make personal and post pictures, and a message board to connect through, among others. I have been really lax in using it all which I am sure is why my weight loss has also become lax.

I should place another order but I want to wait until after the holidays. I am doing pretty good right now maintaining, and even losing while on a maintenance plan as opposed to the weight loss. Self determined and administered, I should say. 

So anyway, I decided to log into the website to familiarize myself with it in case this chick has questions.  I logged my weight this morning and my measurement, which I haven't done in well over a year.  Today minus in inches: Arm -1.5, Chest -2, Waist -4.5, Hip -6, Thigh -2.5.

For a cumulative total of Arm -2.5, Chest -4, Waist -6.5, Hip -9, Thigh -3. Not bad at all. I think I like these numbers better than the stupid scale.

 Arm -1.5, Chest -2, Waist -4.5, Hip -6, Thigh -2.5.
 Arm -2.5, Chest -4, Waist -6.5, Hip -9, Thigh -3.0

I think my plan for tonight is to eat some of my homemade veggie soup with tofu as protein. "Veggies" include green onion, mushroom, green pepper, zucchini, and cabbage. I put that in quotation marks as we all know mushrooms are a fungi. Then its off to yoga.

I need to swear off facebook for a while. My reading and movie watching, not to mention my two other blogs, are far behind where I would like them to be. I am staying up to all hours of the night which throws off my sleep and the rest of the day. So I am not surprised this past week was a bit of a drag.

Interestingly, I am reading through an old Science Illustrated magazine and found an article that details experiment data showing better cognitive function in adults and children who are more active than those in the control group. No wonder I am doing so well on my "Hardest" Sudoku puzzles. At least better than I was!

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  1. Don't you feel great?! Its not about poundage, it's the shape and how you feel. Drop the beer and the empty calories. You will see more results. -D